No more for Happy Endings

I used to be her PRINCE

And she used to be my PRINCESS

We live together harmoniously

Every moment we’d spent together is a thousand memories here in earth.

We used to stroll around watching how the sun glimmers and roll the outstanding colors of the sky…

It was so pretty as if you are looking on an endless beauty of this world, not mentioning the blooming lilies, the breeze when it touches our faces.

All fairy tale.

Then suddenly,

The evil dragon from a far dungeon came to the castle and stole her from me.

I slashed his tail but it didn’t work, I tried to stub his heart but he flew away with my princess crying for help.

Many years have passed but no sign of a huge green dragon even a beautiful red-haired lady all over the place. Ive search all the dungeons, even the highest mountains and the deepest seas, but still none.

Then one day,

I saw the huge dragon while heading south. I chased him to know where my princess is.

When I finally found the place full of carpeted walls…

I thought of fighting…

But then…

I saw her happy with her new prince .

Do I need to fight for my one true love?

Or just accept the fact that…

Dragons are better than princes?


Feel free to comment this story, I’ll be glad if you do… Thanks’ for reading. 🙂


6 thoughts on “No more for Happy Endings

  1. Ana says:

    Too late for a comment na ba? Haha.
    Napadpad lang ako dito. 🙂

    Ipaglaban. What if the princess thought the prince had given up on her kaya she tried to make the best out of her situation? Haha.

  2. normie says:

    .. nice,aman gLing ah tma,tma tLgah^^

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