Coñong Jologs

In a glance you will think that this guy is a Korean Hot star

Born to do modeling on the runway

Born to act with his leading ladies in a movie surrounded by spotlights

Or even born to capture the heart of ladies…

But in a snap this Korean hot star is

Just a simple person with the extraordinary ability

he can make you a better person in just a few moments while sipping your coffee

he can create a relationship even just the moment you meet him

he can bring out the best in you by being inspired

he can make you smile or laugh

he can make you stand even you don’t have the face to make it

he can make you cry by singing songs or even saying a word

And the best thing about him

he loves, he worships and he honors God.

A person who lead many people to the one true path

Towards greatness

which is the salvation.

A person who

Hearts graphic designs,


Story lines

and photography.

Who heart music so much.

Singing to the top of his lungs

A person devoted to serve God to the ends of the earth.


Coñong Jologs

is none other than


Edrei Canda

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! !

Thank You for being a Blessing!



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