Life is Jar of Candies

We love candies very much! We even admire the sweetness of these candies.. From different colors and shape to different flavors and sizes! Whoa who will avoid these blessings! No one right?even when you have a diabetes you will always find a way to eat candies maybe sugar-free or less. Even when your done toothbrushing your teeth once they gave you candies there’s the second thought of eating it, you eat it then toothbrush later or keep it in the frige with the label “dont eat this!” (haha) funny to think that you will end up eating it and forgot about brushing! Really true.

In life there’s always a jar full of colorful candies. Name the color you will find it. But when you pick it you can choose of course but the decision you made of choosing that color have their own tastes. Maybe sweet, sour, bitter, painful, vomitting taste, or no taste at all.

Usually candy flavors depends on its colors-red for cherry or strawberry, green for apple etc. And sometimes the color doesn’t actually fits the flavors like for yellow you automatically think that it is lemon-flavored candy but you will end up dissapointed when you taste it like grapes! The same in life we get so dissapointed when things does not go with what we expect to happen. What we expect to receive or what we expect to see. So we have to be careful when picking the second.

There’s this sizes huge, normal, little which is the problems of colors sometimes we pick the wrong ones which tastes bitter that brings huge problems! But when we pick the sweetest over all happiness will be express!

To be able to see clearly the content of the jar we should try to clean, polish and repair the jar first with a helping hand of God. To be able to see things clearly and to help us choose the right candy for us. Sometimes it take days , months or even years to clean it but surely it will be cleaned as good as new for the better viewing of your choices in life. Trust God in everything and He will reveal it to you.



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