Identity Thief (?) No more!!!!

Perhaps, just as I no longer am, “I” as well no longer exist(s).

Everyone has a dream, to become this artist or that action star, that model or those directors or that pilot on a huge flying plane or a President in a mansion or even all of these are your dreams. But do you experience dreaming of someone for you to become then suddenly the clouds gets heavier and the thunder roars, rain of fires trying to tear every pieces of your dreams into ashes with the roaring voice just to make you realize – “is that you?…”

It was so disappointing to hear that every single moment of your life you spend on dreaming you yourself no longer know who you really are. You are limited to do, to act, and even to speak to others with the pressure of your surroundings jailed in perfection. Commanding yourself to be “plural like the universe”.

You worry for it is the latest trend and your friends will surely admire you if you have that. You do whatever that pleases them, just to stay beside you and be comfortable. You does the thing you don’t know, you hide the true identity of yours and (I don’t know if it’s right to say this) copy others to have the confidence to face friends?

I wonder then that when it comes to your own identity and the authorship of your works, does not know who you really are-he does not know who you are, what soul you have, when you speak with sincerity ( I don’t know what sincerity I am speaking with). You are varyingly someone other than an “I” of you I don’t know if he exists (if he is those others). You feel beliefs which you don’t hold, you are ravished by your passions you repudiate. Your constant study of yourself is constantly pointing out to you breaches of faith by your soul toward some character which perhaps you never had nor does it think you do have.

Everyone-me and you, are very unique in fact every single identity in our DNA and RNA are creatively and uniquely made by our God, maybe you don’t have the qualities you admire most but wake up, there’s something more you can do than them. You got talents, skills, dreams and lifestyle which is very different from them. So whenever you think that you are helpless without your ‘false you’ think about this as one of my friend’s motto “The starfish throwers’ adage: I, as one person, may not make a difference to the entire world but I can make an entire world of difference to at least one person!”. Yes you can be an example better a model to others by accepting who you really are. Realizing that God has a purpose for each one of us, something that you can do that others cannot.

Come on throw your old self, inhale and face the world with the promise of confidence. Identity thief no more!


5 thoughts on “Identity Thief (?) No more!!!!

  1. thechimaerachronicles says:

    OMG!!! I do love this post! Indeed, it’s very insightful!

    Living life to please others is nothing but a huge exhaustion!

    Nice one, Miggs! I’m looking forward to reading more of your amazing thoughts!

  2. thechimaerachronicles says:

    This is Toni. BTW!

  3. Jordan Green says:

    I wrote a blog today and found it was similar to this one. This is a good read. Very thought-provoking and encouraging. As a suggestion though; it was rather hard to read at times since it wasn’t broken down into paragraphs. Otherwise you have good content. I hope you write more.

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