The Case of the Blind Leading the Blind

Activist groups- students, farmers, religious persons and politicians are scattered lately along EDSA, Mendiola, Malacańang and other known places, some causes heavy traffics and worst causes violence. But many people still consider them as non-sense, just another-people-fights-for-nothing way of thinking or simply insane. I am not that pro for a rally or any kind of movement because it brings harm to the people and to their self but knowing their reasons why they do it is another that sometimes we will thank them for doing such ‘insane’ works.
June 2, 2009- The day the Charter Change affirmed by most representatives to amend the constitution we set and the start of the call for all to stop this.
But what do we really mean when we say charter change? Is it useful? Is it for the people or for them? There’s no harm when we say charter change, because it simply means amending the present constitution for a better one, in fact our constitution had been revised many times before. Useful if it really corrects the mistake of the constitution but what if they just do this for personal gains? That’s what they are fighting for, because if this will happen consequences are:
(1) Changing the constitution to parliamentary constitution meaning (a) people’s right will be ignored when it comes to election, they will elect someone without the permission of us.
(2) (b)Term extension of our ‘beloved’ president as long as she wants to rule the country.
(3) To give our OWN country to the neighboring country for their own gain. Simply, Arroyo Government will give a whole provincial property to US to build a bio-fuel plantation who will support THEIR stocks of fuel. Indeed it is beneficial, FOR THEM!
(4) If the constitution will be amended, She will run as Congressman to be a Prime Minister of the Country, because she knows that she has a power over representatives and she knows that they will elect them as PM.
(5) She might declare a martial law, as Marcos did when he amend the constitution before.
That’s the reason why we shoudn’t support the so called Cha-Cha and Con-As, humanity will become puppet dictated by her together with her colleagues.
It’s time to open our eyes to the true intention of our ‘beloved President’ who is blinded by money and power. Let us not be blind, together we stand against this case- the blind leading the blinds.


2 thoughts on “The Case of the Blind Leading the Blind

  1. Purple says:

    I was taught that protests are made to show that the people vote “NO”. It is an act of refusal. So we should really not say that protests are senseless.

    And did you know how much political killings and forced disappearances increased during PGMA’s regime?

    BTW, di pa naman ako sumasali sa mga rallies dito. Hehehehe.

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