Cheers for Cheetah!

Cheetah Rivera, wowed the crowd with her Finale collection on Project Runway Philippines S3!
Maximalist as they usually call her, enjoys the fabric treatments that is textured and avant garde.

I totally fell in love with her aesthetics, the first time we worked for a collab last Nov.2011 The Silent Heroes of Fadal Manila (where she was in the position of PRO ) , the portrayal of a fashionable Yaya (Nanny).

She got the 2nd place, while Milka Redoble won the title. Nel Claveria as the 3rd and Amor Albano as the 4th placer.

At Izumi, its always nice to see familiar faces in the industry.

above: with Cheetah and her sister
below: with Ulysses King, Levenson Rodriguez and Yen Salamoding

above: vice versa (Ehiacinth and Matthew Valeriano), The Red Pumps(Ron Ramiro) and Mogul (Yen Salamoding)
bleow: with Mark Carandang and Ron Ramiro

Style for the night

Cheers for Cheetah! 🙂

The Fashion Ate the Lawyer

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