David’s Salon: Hair Olympics 13

The grandest and the biggest Hair Show of the year was presented by the renowned beauty and wellness salon in the country- David’s Salon. Held last September 25, 2012 at The Forum, PICC.

With their theme Royal Jubilee we celebrate together with the Stylists all over the Philippines this one day event in a formal gowns with head dresess and suit that really exceed our expectation. This is my first time to attend the Hair Olympics and as I’ve heard before that it was the grandest ever Hair Show, I believed it but the feeling of you wanted to see it yourself really excites me. Then when I joined the preparations prior to the event I said to myself that this is going to be great! And to the day itself –
IT WAS JUST WOW! the Production Set was extravagant! The Booths of the sponsors were awesome!

We did the Booth of David’s Salon, and that booth are I think the Star of all, because people fall in line just to get a picture with the booth as we made a
mini Royalty Living Area- We put Chandelier, a nice sofa, a gold frame and more curtain draping. It really gave life to the theme-Royal Jubilee.

It was an awesome experience to be part of this as a VIP and an Event Stylist/Press. Here’s some of the Photos in the Hair Olympics:

The Stage

Angeline Quinto opens the program

Sir Chief and a Beauty queen hosted the program

The on the spot hair cut.

The Male Models presented by Affinage

Whoa! There you go! The Avant Garde Category presented by Davines

And this is MOHAWK!

The tree inspired

The scorpion inspired hair

Judge David Kim

Judge Shamcey Supsup

Judge Yunus Kaswara

Judge Jaime Castillo-Victoria

Judges Armand Valencia and Dinah Ventura

Judges Jeffrey Barwick and Gloria Dela

The Press

Steph and Friends

Hello Pink Suit Guy- Mav Bernardo

The winner in Nail Art Category

Congratulations Mr. Historia for winning!

Congratulations Mr. Leo for winning!

The grand winner in Avant Garde Category

The Marketing Mangers: Ms. Jola and Ms. Sally

Here’s the Pre-Show happenings:


Me and the Bloggers having a dinner at the VIP Room.

The registration committee in the Buffet for VIP

Krisha, Ms. Jeng, Ms. Sally

Ms. Sally and Krisha

Booth of Davines

The Bloggers- Nica, Leks, Marco and Ranel with his vip invite winner

Our Model Mehran wearing Bespoke Suit by Levenson Rodriguez

Ms. Jeng and the girls

Pre-Judging of the Contestants

Pre-Judging of the Contestants

One of the Judges Pre-Judging of the Contestants

Loving all of it! Pre-Judging of the Contestants

Pre-Judging of the Contestants

I must say I will be on the 14th!

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2 thoughts on “David’s Salon: Hair Olympics 13

  1. Hi Miguel! It was so nice to meet you at the Sophie Paris event last night 🙂 See you again soon! By the way, LOVE YOUR BLOG! ♥ fierce fash!

    Melissa ♥

    • Juan Carlos Miguel Alomajan says:

      Hi Melissa!

      Thank you so much, i hope to see you soon in the events high lights.

      Be safe and take care.
      Keep blogging! 🙂


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