Flying Dutchman Flagship Day!

All Aboard for Flying Dutchman
The difference between fashion trends and style is the length of time you can wear them. Fads fade, but as they say, style is eternal. To have the eyes to pick up and mix-match timeless pieces to send off that cosmopolitan and classic flair is probably the best advice in fashion. And Flying Dutchman is an advocate of this.
Since the ship has set sail for the Flying Dutchman in 2011, it has gone from men’s footwear to apparel and accessories with a wide range of sleek pieces that are perfect for all the men of the decades. With style and comfort in the standard equation, the collection is proudly Filipino made from the finest materials to stand the test of coming and going fashion fads over time.
Flying Dutchman’s 100% cow leather shoes are now paired with wallets of the same material, ageless-cut bottoms, dress shirts, polo shirts and jackets from imported fabrics and rucksacks of vegan leather and canvas. All the cuts and stitches carefully make dressing up suave for school, work or night outs – clean with a perfect amount of scruff, turning boys into men of style, control and class from head to toe.
And what’s better than a stylish man? One with a woman who is as beautiful and classic. Ladies, Flying Duchess is on aboard! Get the same ease and elegance men do with styles that you can walk in and be flattered for long.
With another batch of dashing boat shoes and fetching apparel and accessories to boot in their newest collection, Flying Dutchman starts off its second year in the scene with the grand opening of its flagship store in The Collective* on November 17, 2012 with an Anniversary Party at 6 in the evening. For details, go to their facebook page


Visit Flying Dutchman™ Flagship store at The Collective, 7274 Malugay St. Makati, City

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