Fashion connects to Passion

It’s Sunday and it’s cold. Perfect time to ponder things.

I’ve been but never went to a fashion school, I never opened a fashion magazine knowing that all magazines are the same, never knew the difference between fashion and beauty editorial even editorial itself. Because I don’t know that fashion exists. I knew it by word but seriously, IT”S NOT BIG DEAL.

But when I realized that Art can also be fashionable, the word Fashion connects with Passion.

Fashion is not a dictionary-ish, it’s not about expensive things or glamorous looks, it’s about INDIVIDUALITY.

Fashion makes you original. it makes a man and a woman who they are and who will they be. IT IS YOUR CHOICE OF BEING. No one can and will hinder you from expressing your own self. God made you yourself, all you have to do is to look good with it.

Love yourself. Choose the best. Be Beautiful.

Fashion Ate the Lawyer

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