Shelter unveils new Vintage Christmas Collection 2012

Shelter, which in the short time since it opened last year has become Manila’s premiere source of the latest elegant and distinctive furniture and décor from around the world, today unveiled its Vintage-themed Christmas Collection at its Makati outlet on Jupiter Street.

“This year, we are celebrating the elegance of Christmas in the 50s with unique furniture and furnishings that you won’t find anywhere else in the Philippines. These are perfect for those who want something different and classy in their homes to enhance the usual Christmas decorations that they put up,” shared Luna.

Among the items showcased were 50s-inspired TV sets showing different Christmas Villages, Winter Wonderland with miniature snowmen and cars, miniature Santa Clauses and caroling stuffed toys.

Shelter is a partnership between U.S.-based furniture retailers Joey Luna and Lee Imperial, who own the well-known Furniture Direct store in Las Vegas, Nevada where most of Shelter’s products come from, and local businessman-restaurateur Yong Nieva and interior designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario.

Shelter opened its first showroom in Little Baguio in San Juan, Metro Manila in June 2011. Since then, it had attracted an elite furniture-loving clientele who are constantly on the lookout for tasteful, high-quality furniture and home accessories in the Philippines. In June this year, it opened another showroom in Jupiter Street, Makati, which generated even more attention and excitement than the first being more visible and accessible to its growing clientele.

Shelter proponents (L to R): Yong Nieva, Ivy Almario, Cynthia Almario, Lee Imperial and Joey Luna

Shelter proponents (L to R): Yong Nieva, Ivy Almario, Cynthia Almario, Lee Imperial and Joey Luna

“Clearly, there is a demand for these kinds of furniture in the Philippines,” Luna pointed out. “My partner, Lee, and I take time to carefully select which items from the United States would work in the Philippines, taking into consideration various factors such as culture, design trends, even the climate in this country. We also allow our customers to customize the items they want. Some of them have very specific requirements in terms of material and we do our best to meet these. They can even look for items they want from abroad and we can source it and deliver it to them here.”

Aside from Christmas-themed furniture and decorations, Shelter also offers unique holiday gifts such as stylish jewelry boxes, a selection of soaps and coffee table books among others. Apart from these unique pieces, Shelter also offers imported Hammond’s chocolates and candies for those with a penchant for sweets.

Even dogs have the chance to own their very own Chewy Vuitton or Pawda bag, which they can perfectly match with their Jimmy Chews or Manolo Barkniks. Dogs can also have a bottle or two of Grrona and Arfsolut Vodka and they may take a rest on their Furcedez Benz bed.

“At Shelter, our goal is to inspire and engage the senses. We aim to offer a wide range of quality home products and furniture customization that fit the customers’ particular tastes and lifestyle at different price points.” Luna said.

Shelter IMG 1

Shelter IMG 3

Shelter IMG 4

Shelter IMG 5

Shelter IMG 6

Shelter IMG 7

Shelter IMG 8

Shelter IMG 9

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Shelter IMG 12

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Shelter IMG 14

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Shelter IMG 16

Shelter IMG 17

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Shelter IMG 19

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Shelter IMG 24

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Shelter IMG 30

Shelter IMG 31

Shelter IMG 32

Shelter IMG 33

Shelter IMG 34

Shelter IMG 35

Shelter IMG 36

Shelter IMG 37

Shelter IMG 38

Shelter IMG 39

Shelter IMG 40

Shelter IMG 41


Shelter IMG 43

Shelter IMG 44

Shelter IMG 45

Shelter IMG 46

Shelter IMG 47

Shelter IMG 48

Shelter IMG 49

Shelter IMG 50

Shelter IMG 51

Shelter IMG 52

Shelter IMG 2

Everyone is invited to visit the Shelter Showrooms at #3 General De Jesus, Little Baguio, San Juan and at #148 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City. Interested parties may also inquire about Shelter and its products via email:

For more information (press only), please call:
Joy Mirasol (+632. 891 3485,

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