pH Care® celebrates 10 years of confidence and freshness!

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Taking on the world one day at a time is a journey. It’s all about nurturing oneself and experiencing a wellness routine that makes you feel fresh and confident, especially when it comes to feminine hygiene. Using an effective yet gentle brand for feminine care is definitely a way of nurturing, and going for a trusted name is the key!

And what used to be an unknown name only 10 years ago, is now the leading brand in feminine hygiene in the Philippines! pH Care® is a gynecologist-tested, hypo-allergenic feminine wash specially formulated for women’s intimate, cleansing needs. It has a pH level of 5, to help maintain the natural pH of the external genitalia, allowing thorough cleansing and everyday cleanliness and comfort. pH Care® is one of the biggest products manufactured by United Laboratories (Unilab), a trusted quality healthcare provider in the country.

Unlike soaps and other feminine washes, it is purely dedicated to giving intimate care as well as protection from odor without the harsh ingredients that cause irritations. It also has Dual Hydrating Moisturizers, Glycerin and Panthenol, which gently refreshes while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture. So whether you’re dashing to a yoga class, giving a knockout presentation, working out at the gym or simply getting ready for a romantic dinner, pH Care® feminine wash is definitely the assurance that will make you feel at your best!

Experience clean, sexy freshness everyday with a variety of pH Care® variants that will get you into the right mood. There’s pH Care® Cool Wind with cool, clean freshness and breezy action from ActiveCool®; pH Care® Fresh Blossoms with soothing freshness from a blend of lilies and lush greens; pH Care® Happy Daisies which is like waking up to delightful freshness with a zesty blend of citrus and floral scents; pH Care® Fragrance Free taking comfort in mild

freshness with a gentle formula for sensitive skin; pH Care® Shower Splash making you enjoy bagong-ligo freshness with a whiff of fresh green citrus scent; and pH Care® Passionate Bloom – the freshness of romance with essences of rose and floral blossoms.

And aside from the variety of exciting feminine hygiene variants in easy-grip bottles, pH Care® continues to be your daily intimate care partner with the introduction of Powder Fresh – coolness combined with clean powdery freshness that’s sure to provide delicate and everyday feminine care.

pH Care® also understands the intimate care needs of women on-the-go with the handy pH Care® feminine wipes, providing the convenience of cleansing and keeping fresh anytime, anywhere.

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Recommended by OB gynecologists and trusted by women all over the country, pH Care® is indeed a breakthrough product that has become a favorite partner in feminine hygiene. And to thank loyal customers who’ve made pH Care® the leading feminine hygiene brand in the country, purchase of the products now come with a free limited edition lingerie bag co-designed by Kate Torralba. For more information on pH Care®, please visit and like pH Care Cool Wind on Facebook.

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