Run for Your Lives and from Flesh-Eating Zombies

Zombies are everywhere. From films to television show to video games, these flesh-consuming corpses have invaded just about everything, including pop culture. In fact, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has its own page category dedicated to zombies.
Dr. Ali Khan, Director for Public Health Preparedness and Response Office of CDC, says, “If you are generally well equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack.” Makes sense right?
Here are some survival tips, should a zombie outbreak hit the country:
1. Pack the essentials. Water, food, and first-aid kit – anything that will ensure your survival.
2. Choose your weapon. Admit it. Zombies are not the most logical creatures. They will do anything – anything – to get a bite out of your flesh and brains. No matter how anti-violence we might be, sometimes, a trusty bat to swing away the undead is not so horrible.
3. A family that runs away from zombies together, stays together. Like any other calamity, it is better to set a meeting place with your family, in case you are separated.
4. Stay elevated. Because higher ground gives you a better advantage.
5. Avoid contact with zombies. AT. ALL. COSTS.
6. If all else fails, run – and run until you cannot run anymore.
Although you might find this absurd, zombies are now preparing to attack the metro, because the zombies of Outbreak Manila are at it again.

Zombies break loose at Outbreak Manila 2012 - photo by Arthur Gimena from Outbreak Manila Facebook page

Now on its 2nd year, this zombie-infested marathon has redefined the fun in fun runs since its first inception in April last year. Driven by the goal to stand out among the rest of the running events out there, Outbreak Manila brings a twist – and a very thrilling one as well, to the usual marathons. Not only will you run against time and the other participants, you will most definitely run against flesh-hungry creatures.
Running away from Zombies at Outbreak Manila 2012 - photo by Arthur Gimena from Outbreak Manila Facebook page
Mark your calendars red on April 13, march your way to Bonifacio Global City and prepare yourselves for an outbreak like never before. For its 4th installment, Outbreak Manila promises 5 kilometers of exhilarating experience, more exciting obstacles and of course, hungrier living dead.
100Plus Booth at Outbreak Manila from 100Plus Facebook Page

And as tiring as running for your lives might sound like, not to worry, because Outbreak Manila is also brought to you by 100Plus, so no need to fuss. 100Plus is an isotonic drink formulated with 5 essential minerals to quench your thirst after running away from the living dead. 100Plus is available in 3 refreshing variants: Original, Orange, and Lemon Lime.

100 Plus Lemon Lime 500mL FA-horz

100 Plus

For more information, visit the 100Plus Facebook page at, and Outbreak Manila’s website at

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