Stradivarius Spring 2013 Launch

stradivariusIMG_0672 copy by Miguel Alomajan
Spanish brand for the cosmopolitan, chic lady, opens in Manila

Welcome glamour and style, which every woman desires, as Stores Specialists, Inc. brings in a brand that exudes a feminine, fresh and creative vibe—Stradivarius.

Settling in Glorietta, its first home here in the Metro, the fashionable elite are encouraged to use their imagination and combine its unique collections to radiate an urban chic personal style. With its presence felt in 54 countries, and over 750 stores worldwide, Stradivarius comes in as an innovative concept store that adapts catwalk trends to the daily needs of its customers.

The Stradivarius Spring ’13 campaign sports natural colored garments as the perfect camouflage for the desert sands. Footwear and accessories will play an important role in the collection. Must-have items include the trucker style hat, metallic sunglasses, and industrial style chunky necklaces. Fringes, box styles and transparent materials will feature strongly in bags.

stradivariusIMG_0576 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0663 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0662 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0661 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0655 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0645 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0643 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0641 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0640 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0625 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0622 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0620 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0616 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0600 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0599 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0595 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0588 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0577 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0677 by Miguel Alomajan

Collections that speak of effortless attire and natural styles, Stradivarius gives priority to ethnic inspired moods, followed by urban sport chic, an invasion of stripes and a frenzy of indigo in all its guises.

Let Stradivarius take you on a journey to blissful self-expression through spirited clothing and trendy finds.

stradivariusIMG_0549 copy by Miguel Alomajan-vert

Rogue guys

Rogue guys

stradivariusIMG_0552 by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0557 by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0560 by Miguel Alomajan

Mega guys

Mega guys

stradivariusIMG_0570 by Miguel Alomajan

Fashion Ate the Lawyer

In the Philippines, Stradivarius is exclusively distributed by International Specialty Wear Inc (ISWI), a subsidiary of Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI). Stradivarius is now open at Glorietta 2, Makati City.

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