The Pier Bar and Restaurant

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Having good times with friends are always the best stress relieving tool. With the perfect place to chill down and talk over a whole lot of food choices and good cocktails plus good music.

We visited The Pier Bar and Restaurant just across World Trade Center for their “Singles Night” and it was fun, really fun, we enjoyed the live music of MusiCLIMAX ( they made our night really smooth and easy.

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Their kitchen offers a wide range of cuisines from Asian Fusion, Filipino, Spanish and American. The bar and restaurant doesn’t only aim to please your tastebuds, but the rest of your senses as well. Music is provided by numerous bands and DJs every night. And with the help of liquid courage (choose from a wide selection of local, imported and Craft beers or one of the 16 signature cocktails created specially by an international mixologist) from the bar, guests may opt to come up on stage to sing with a live band on Mondays, The Pier’s Rockeoke Night.

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Guests will also be treated to views of the city, fresh air and the cool Manila breeze if they choose to spend their time in the open deck on the second floor or the rustic veranda on the first.

If you’re looking for a place to hold your next corporate event, The Pier is the perfect choice. While the restaurant itself can only hold 280 people, guests can choose to extend their festivities to the huge garden outside. Parking is not even something that guests should worry about as The Pier provides a sizeable lot that can accommodate over 100 cars!

with Ailene Co of Ivanka Trump and Blogger Irene Gelio

with Ailene Co of Ivanka Trump and Blogger Irene Gelio

with the bloggers Shen Jarlega, Carvey Samonte, and Irene Gelio

with the bloggers Shen Jarlega, Carvey Samonte, and Irene Gelio

Pier Resto65-IMG_7536MAY2013

Pier Resto27-IMG_7493MAY2013

Pier Resto26-IMG_7492MAY2013

Ailene and friends

Ailene and friends

the friends that worth a while that night

the friends that worth a while that night

Irene on tage singing with MusiCLIMAX

Irene on tage singing with MusiCLIMAX

The DJ for the Night

The DJ for the Night

The Pier is definitely a place to let your hair down and have fun with friends, your colleagues, or even alone. With excellent food and service (without breaking the bank, one might add) every visit will definitely leave you wanting for more.

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The Pier’s Singles Night
The Pier, together with WJG Asia invited numerous bloggers and members of the press to an exclusive, yet fun-filled night of funky music, good food and The Pier’s signature drinks. Local band Climax and international DJ, DJ Matt provided the beats for the night. Lucky guests who gave The Pier the best shout outs on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook walked away with bottles of Monte Fiago wine. Penguin, The Zen Institute, and Procter and Gamble Philippines generously treated our guests to numerous giveaways. It was surely a night that guests will keep coming back to!

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