Beauty and The Beach: Beauty Bar Model Co. x D&V Hairpieces x Marc by Marc Jacobs SS 2013

marc by marc jacobs53-IMG_6914Apr2013

marc by marc jacobs72-IMG_6858Apr2013

marc by marc jacobs04-IMG_6862Apr2013

marc by marc jacobs05-IMG_6863Apr2013

marc by marc jacobs06-IMG_6864Apr2013

marc by marc jacobs10-IMG_6868Apr2013

marc by marc jacobs11-IMG_6869Apr2013

D&V Hairpieces

D&V Hairpieces

marc by marc jacobs21-IMG_6880Apr2013-horz

marc by marc jacobs24-IMG_6883Apr2013-horz

marc by marc jacobs26-IMG_6885Apr2013-horz

marc by marc jacobs37-IMG_6897Apr2013-horz

marc by marc jacobs33-IMG_6893Apr2013-horz

marc by marc jacobs41-IMG_6901Apr2013-horz

marc by marc jacobs43-IMG_6903Apr2013-horz

marc by marc jacobs45-IMG_6906Apr2013-horz


marc by marc jacobs66-IMG_6928Apr2013-tile

marc by marc jacobs13-IMG_6871Apr2013-tile

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