MEXX Opens in Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Mexx IMG_9716 by Miguel Alomajan

From the stylish cities around the world, Mexx makes a mark in the Philippines with its first-ever fashion party at the posh East Wing Atrium of One Shangrila.

Taking center stage during the event was the Mexx Metropolitan collection – an array of eye-catching apparel for women, men and children that fuses fashion-forward sensibilities with the demands of urban living.

“We are very proud to present our latest collection to our Philippine market,” states Peter Hammond, Senior Vice-President for Asia-Pacific of Mexx. “And I am confident that the Filipinos, with their fun and adventurous sense of style, will embrace the vibrant Mexx fashion.”




It is this same free-spirited approach in dressing that inspired the brand to form the MEXXicons comprised of Xandra Rocha, Marco Rodriguez, Marc Shulze and Nicole Andersson. Positive-thinkers, open-minded and confident, the fab four embody the Mexx brand philosophy of fusing creative energy in everything – from the way they approach their work, the way they interact with others, and, of course, to they way they dress up.

“We believe that your wardrobe should give you multiple possibilities,” Hammond enthuses. “Mexx outfits, particularly the Mexx Metropolitan collection, offer something special that can be worn from dawn until well past dusk. That is the essence of city living and we capture it in a truly fashionable way in our clothing line.”

Confident, playful and inspiring, the Mexx Metropolitan collection is set to take the city by storm by giving both women and men what they want and what they look for in stylish apparel.

Mexx IMG_9880 by Miguel Alomajan

Mexx IMG_9885 by Miguel Alomajan

Mexx IMG_9896 by Miguel Alomajan

Mexx IMG_9895 by Miguel Alomajan

Mexx IMG_9892 by Miguel Alomajan

Mexx IMG_9890 by Miguel Alomajan

Mega People

Mega People

Kat and L.A. of Mega

Kat and L.A. of Mega

Cosmo people

Cosmo people

Mega People

Mega People

Vern and Verniece

Vern and Verniece

Gerard, Steph, Carlo, Miguel, Ailene and Amiel of Bridges

Gerard, Steph, Carlo, Miguel, Ailene and Amiel of Bridges

Mexx IMG_9726 by Miguel Alomajan

with Bridges Managing Director for Media Relations Annie Ringor, Ivanka Trump Brand Manager Ailene Co, and Stephanie Cudal

with Bridges Managing Director for Media Relations Annie Ringor, Ivanka Trump Brand Manager Ailene Co, and Stephanie Cudal

Mexx IMG_9898 by Miguel Alomajan

The Principals of Mexx

The Principals of Mexx

Mexx IMG_9897 by Miguel Alomajan

Mexx has been dressing up the world for over 25 years. Founded in the Netherlands, its high quality line of stylish apparel and accessories are sold in more than 600 stores across 50 countries.

Here in the Philippines, Mexx has set the trend for versatile yet fashionable dressing. Its collection understands the need of people on the go, giving them a wide choice of clothes that look presentable during the day yet fun enough to wear through the night.

Mexx is exclusively distributed by Cinderella Marketing Corporation. Get a preview of and updates on its stylish line on Facebook ( and Twitter (

International Store Front

International Store Front

mexx Mexx-35 by Miguel Alomajan

mexx Mexx-23 by Miguel Alomajan

mexx Mexx-03 by Miguel Alomajan

mexx Mexx-09 by Miguel Alomajan

mexx Mexx-13 by Miguel Alomajan

mexx Mexx-Den Bosch-Fassade_02 by Miguel Alomajan

Visit their stores at Alabang Town Center, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, SM AuRa Premier and Glorietta,

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