Going Beyond The Afterburn

100 plus100 Plus by Miguel Alomajan

Fitness. It is not always about laboring with weights or cardio for hours. Rest and recovery are just as important as any other rigorous activity we invest our time on. And maybe it is about time to rethink your game plan and add recuperation to your list of fitness must-dos.
Recuperation. The state of recovering and replenishing the lost energy until it comes back to a considerable normal state. It’s not rocket science and is as natural as gaining weight after a long bout of overeating. Because it seems easy and natural, we often take it for granted. However, something as easy as recuperation can cause your plans of staying fit to go awry around if taken lightly. Philosophers, though they are no sportsmen, have it right. In everything, we must find balance. And the ratio of working out to recuperation is no exemption.

100 plus100 Plus Lemon Lime 500mL FA by Miguel Alomajan

Workoutholics, we hear you. Nothing beats the adrenalin rush in every additional kilo lifted, every kilometer conquered, every pose perfected, and every smash, hit, or punch unleashed. And sweat? It can be addicting. Yes, you may get exhausted, but on top of that, it makes you feel invincible. The natural endorphins released during periods of strenous activity can make you feel superhuman. But if even Superman has kryptonite, then so do you.
Sleep is one of the body’s best ways to recuperate, allowing not only your body but also your mind and heart to relax and replenish its reserves, in time for another grueling day. A partner to sleep? Hydration. Because in our intense activities, we not only inflict unseen damage on our bodies, we also lose immeasurable amounts of fluids.

100 plus100 Plus Orange Blast 500mL FA by Miguel Alomajan

The good news is, there’s a drink especially formulated to replace the energy we lose while working out. Perfect for on-the-go folks, meaning almost everyone, who seems to work – and work out – round the clock. 100Plus is a mildly carbonated drink that has the ability to replenish lost body fluids and minerals during intense activities, making it the perfect afterburn and recovery partner.

100 plus100 Plus Original New Label FA by Miguel Alomajan

So worry not, gym buffs and sports aficionados, not even time can stop you from doing what you want. What did we tell you, balance in everything, right?

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