CABLE CAR Makati: Relive The Old Days

cable car IMG_7691

Back in 90’s, Cable Car was part of the hottest and legendary bars in Manila along with Pep’s and Reasons.

Now, reliving its spot their expansion with European color interior  in Arnaiz Ave. is a must see!

cable car IMG_7753

cable car IMG_7695

cable car IMG_7697


cable car IMG_7705

Divided into 4 sections: Beer Pong (which is acclaimed the most famous in the bar),  Videoke, Terrace and The Pub.

Good thing about Cable Car is that they have foods for any-time-of-the-day menu. We tried their Cable Car Rice, its like a Sisig Rice with a scrambled egg on top and their Beef Strips that is very affordable.

cable car IMG_7707

Brian Bantegui

cable car IMG_7708

cable car IMG_7709

cable car IMG_7710

cable car IMG_7712

cable car IMG_7713

cable car IMG_7714

cable car IMG_7715

cable car IMG_7716

cable car IMG_7717

cable car IMG_7718

cable car IMG_7725

cable car IMG_7728

cable car IMG_7738

cable car IMG_7739

The night was so crazy good! Thank you so much Cable Car especially to Larissa Villegas-Pinon for having us.


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