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SKULL Candy blog IMG_4270 fashionAtetheLawyer

SKULL Candy blog IMG_4276 fashionAtetheLawyer

SKULL Candy blog IMG_4277 fashionAtetheLawyer

Skull Candy CrusherHARDEN-1024x768 fashionAtetheLawyer

Crusher is an over the ear headphone designed by Skullcandy and was developed to bring new technology to headphones and bass-bliss to music lovers. Having the Sensation55™ bass extension driver to deliver powerful and realistic supreme sound bass experience that gives the sensation of feeling the bass vibrating in your ears to your cheeks.

Skull Candy CrusherScreen Shot 2013-09-27 at 1.20.27 AM fashionAtetheLawyer

This headphone has a slider on the left ear cup to adjust the bass response to your preference. It comes in three plastic contour color options—black, white and red. Like the other SC headphone models, the ear cups and the underside of the headband are well padded. A detachable cable serves as a remote control and microphone for mobile devices. It is also stashable, easy to fold down to its nylon drawstring pouch.

Skull Candy Crushercrusher_white_02_1-tile fashionAtetheLawyer

Rains International Corporation together with venue partner DC introduces Crusher headphone that deliver high-definition supreme sound giving the bass you can feel to the Philippine market, conducting an on-site testing of the unit for media and the general public to try, feel it and believe it and to review this new addition to Skullcandy’s coolest designed headphones.



FUJIFILM is proud to announce the latest addition to its growing line up of intants photo cameras—the INSTAX MINI 90 NEO CLASSIC.
Hailed as the instant camera for stylish men and women of today’s generation, Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Boasts of its elegant two-tone retro-look design on top of its advanced features such as double exposure, bulb exposure, flash adjustment, build-in-macro mode, party mode, kids mode, landscape mode, self-timer mode, flash on/off and two shutter release buttons.



double exposure mode

double exposure mode


Double Exposure Mode

By selecting the double exposure mode and pressing the shutter button twice, one can superimpose two different images in one frame to create an artistic photo.

Bulb Exposure Mode

In this, the shutter remains open (up to 10 seconds) while the shutter button is depressed, enabling photo capture that shows attractive night views and light streaks.

Check out


zOpt_Windsor - Army Green with Neon Orange

First, you were charmed by their pretty foldable ballet flats. Then you were offered to travel in style with the stylish foldable boots. Now, Butterfly Twists brings something new to the market with its foldable rain boots.

The Windsor rain boots are part of the Wellies family, which makes stepping out in the pouring rain more fashionably convenient. And what’s even better is that you can pack these booties light, as they can be rolled and stashed in a waterproof carry bag.

zOpt_Windsor - Army Green with Neon Orange2

zOpt_Windsor - Grey with Neon Pink

zOpt_Windsor - Grey with Neon Pink2

When scattered rain showers start rushing in, keep your worries at bay by toting these wellies inside your bag. They come in super lightweight form, with an ultra comfy fit, plus a warm fleece lining. So you can wear your regular shoes when the sun is out, and just unroll away when the dark skies are in.

Butterfly Twists brings fashion convenience to a whole new level whatever activity and season you’re in. It’s every trendy girl’s partner to make sure you’re equipped to stroll in different weather conditions. Available in Black, Grey, Blue or Green with contrasting neon soles and cuffs. Available to all Butterfly Twists stores.


When the Retro fever hit Crocs stores last season, loyal fanatics came in flocks to be the first to experience the collection. Selling like pancakes are the well-loved clogs, casual flip-flops, dainty MJs, and sandals. For the first installment of their Fall collection, Crocs has once again reinvented their latest shoe offering by extending the Retro fever in its all-new sneaker collection.

Reminiscent of the epoch when big hair, knee-high socks, skateboards, and flared jeans were the stars of fashion, the Crocs Retro sneakers relives the 70s era, where everything is just outright funky.


Crocs’ legendary innovation of the Retro Sneakers comes in vibrant colors that make them so hard to resist. Imagine your first experience of love at first sight, and this feeling will elevate once you slip on these sneaks,which just know how to love your feet back.With massage-like footbed nubs, lightweight feature, signature Crocs’ comfort, and breathable design technology, you know you just can’t go wrong.


At the height of the comfort-seeking generation, Crocs offers its new line up of sneakers that redefine comfortable sneakers. The on-the-go lifestyle has been on the rise and will just keep getting more dynamic, which is why practical, comfortable, and stylish footwear from Crocs is your partner to help you keep up.

Available for men, women, and kids’ designs, in 12 color combos, the Crocs Retro sneakers are available in all Crocs concept stores..

There you go, the must haves for your everyday stylish adventure.
from gadgets to footwear that will keep you going anytime of the day.
More of these new must haves for your collection in the coming blogs.


Fashion Ate The Lawyer

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