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Dune London PH1371336_10202133125670938_10726403_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in late 2012 is thrilled to announce its first venture into the Filipino market from Autumn Winter 2013.

The British leader in affordable luxury footwear and accessories is opening fourstand alone stores and one concession in Manila in partnership with the leading specialty store retailer in the Philippines, Stores Specialists, Inc.

Renowned shopping destinations –Greenbelt 5, Shangri-La Plaza, Rustan’s Makati, Bonifacio High Street and Robinson’s Magnolia are the chosen locations for Dune London’s introduction into the market.

Dune London PH1393452_10202133125550935_2015400061_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1392975_10202133125630937_1271335329_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1384959_10202133130391056_157731254_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1384854_10202133125510934_1054207402_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1278502_10202133130271053_820926319_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Host Tricia Centenera

Host Tricia Centenera

Greenbelt Store

Greenbelt Store

The new stores will all feature the new retail concept from Dune London. Incorporating an inverted catwalk, open store fronts and large scale graphics and digital screens ensures an engaging, enticing and exciting retail environment for customers.

The creation of a more unisex environment to reflect the success of the Dune London men’s range, which now accounts for 25% of the business in the UK and 15% globally; and providing a designated area for accessories such as day bags which have seen sales growth of over 300% in the last year, truly make this a unique and distinctive destination footwear and accessories for both men and women.

Based in London, The Dune Group which is the parent company of the Dune London brand is one of the leading UK retailers of fashion footwear and accessories with over 300 locations worldwide. The group’s distribution includes stunning stores in all the major cities in the UK plus concessions in the leading department stores across Europe including Selfridges, House of Fraser, John Lewis and Topshop in the UK, De Bijenkorf in Holland, Illum in Denmark,

Karstadt in Germany and most recently a pop-up shop in Galeries Lafayette in Paris, which is one of the best performing concessions in the store.

Dune London PH1384887_10202133139551285_2006032420_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1378903_10202133139471283_1521375376_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1373759_10202133147991496_1338213199_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1373518_10202133139631287_1841271864_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1373052_10202133139431282_720883117_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1371633_10202133148071498_1924528545_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH913248_10202133147951495_746231212_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1388533_10202133148111499_1537169317_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1388018_10202133148031497_1070084070_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1387952_10202133148151500_703535054_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dune London PH1387944_10202133139591286_1267821809_n fashionAtetheLawyer

The group is rapidly expanding internationally with franchised stores in the United Arab Emirates, North Africa, Russia, India and South Africa. Dune London opened its largest store in the world in Dubai’s Mall of Emirates in April, and in Autumn Winter 2013 Collection will also launch new German, French and US transactional websites to continue to support this international growth and the brand’s multichannel strategy.

In June 2013 The Dune Group is launching its US wholesale operation with plans to follow this with a standalone store planned to open before the end of the year in New York.

Dune London PH1384953_10202133135551185_2134123302_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Visions Reena and Danica

Visions Reena and Danica

Jeanger Navarro

Jeanger Navarro

Dune London PH1376182_10202133130351055_1018178659_n fashionAtetheLawyer

MohamediqbalYacabooli, CEO of Dune International, said: “This is a very exciting opportunity for Dune London as it expands further its global footprint”.

Stores Specialists, Inc. Executive Vice President, Anthony Huang, added “This is an exciting addition to Manila’s retail scene, an answer to the more sophisticated footwear needs of the Filipino consumer today. We at SSI are looking forward to bringing London fashion to Manila; and are more than happy that we could be a part of Dune London’s global expansion.”

Garage Magazine Adrianne Concepcion

Garage Magazine Adrianne Concepcion

Mega Mag's Jeff and Fennel

Mega Mag’s Jeff and Fennel

Gail Cowper

Gail Cowper

with Hola Mag's Rorie Manzano and Stef Juan

with Hola Mag’s Rorie Manzano and Stef Juan

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