What Do You Stand For?

Dr.Martens 1376847_10202133042588861_773664867_n fashionAtetheLawyer


Throughout Dr. Martens history, the brand has been adopted and subverted by countless rebellious characters,
subcultures and tribes. Dr. Martens wearers bring the shoes and boots to life, and should be recognized. These
are the people who stand out from the crowd in their own unique way and for many, their journey of selfexpression
has always been accompanied by a pair of Dr. Martens.



Dr. Martens A/W-13 campaign celebrates free-thinking individuals; from the first timers to those who have been with
us forever. The campaign represents people of different ages, backgrounds, occupations and personalities who all
have one thing in common – they wear Dr. Martens boots and shoes with pride and passion, an empowering mark of
something worth standing for.


The exhibit represents the campaign in its most organic and truthful form. As artists showcase what they stand for
through their art, guests can do the same by writing what THEY stand for on the canvas floor, dip their docs in the dirt
area and stomp away in their Docs. The #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign is raw, truthful, unique and won’t stand for
bullshit. The Dr. Martens team presents the exhibit area as directly to the point as possible, no perfect cookie-cutter

Dr.Martens 1376762_10202133042708864_2016054295_n fashionAtetheLawyer

YoungStar Arthur Tan

YoungStar Arthur Tan

Dr.Martens 1384810_10202133042548860_342260992_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dr.Martens 1376257_10202133042748865_2137010882_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Dr.Martens 1376073_10202133042628862_494658325_n fashionAtetheLawyer

DMs Cookies!

DMs Cookies!

MAC MakeupArtist Anton Patdu, Stylists Jeff Galang and Carvey Sam

MAC MakeupArtist Anton Patdu, Stylists Jeff Galang and Carvey Sam

with DMs Marketing Head Nina Defensor

with DMs Marketing Head Nina Defensor

Dr.Martens 1378928_10202133016908219_1237294235_n fashionAtetheLawyer

“The greatest person you could ever meet is yourself.”

As a Fashion Photographer and a blogger, I stand for loving yourself first.

It is not narcissism, it is appreciating, discovering and knowing your true self’s strengths and weaknesses to freely bring out the best in you.

What do you stand for?

Fashion Ate The Lawyer

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