Cream Silk Hair Sonata

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A once-in-a-lifetime celebration of beauty, music, and art through the biggest and most beautiful demonstration of hair strength in the world.

The Cream Silk Hair Sonata is a mixed-media performance headlined by the Hair Symphony Orchestra- the 45-piece ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra, featuring a 10-member all-female string ensemble using hair bows, all under the baton of Maestro Gerard Salonga.

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A 3-part musical production, Hair Sonata tells the story of a young struggling violinist, who discovers her own strength and beauty, as she transforms into a confident woman. To complement the Hair Orchestra’s enchanting serenades, there will be performances by Ballet Philippines as choreographed by Alden Lugnasin, plus the premiere of an all-new and all-original short film by acclaimed director Gus Cruz, featuring Cream Silk muse Sam Pinto.

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fellow bloggers

fellow bloggers

Hola Magazine's Maita, Patrick and Kitchie

Hola Magazine’s Maita, Patrick and Kitchie

Preview EIC Pauline Juan

Preview EIC Pauline Juan

Binibining Pilipinas 2013

Binibining Pilipinas 2013

Apples Aberin with the CreamSilk People

Apples Aberin with the CreamSilk People

Brent and Fabio

Brent and Fabio

Martha and Ailene

Martha and Ailene

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The ever gorgeous Linda Ley

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The ever beautiful AIlene Co

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The ever fab gay in heels Carvey Sam

Rhian Ramos

Rhian Ramos


The famous Human Hair Bow was made by Paul S.J. Goh, South East Asia’s famous bow maker.

Trained in the Violin Bowmaking School of America, Archetier Paul .J. Goh is the Southeast Asia’s only bowmaker. Having been exposed to music at young age, he has dedicated his life to creating handmade bows for stringed instruments in the finest French tradition. He played as the principal violinist for 7 years in the Philharmonic Orchestra in Singapore.

In 2006, Paul S.J. Goh, left the Ministry of Education to pursue a career in bowmaking, taking inspiration from the 19th century archetiers Pajeot Tourte. Each bow made from his studio in Singapore is designed with straightforward refinement and attentive crafting. His Expertise in making finely crafted bows has turned the impossible to possible with the Cream Silk hair bows to be used in the World’s First Hair Symphony Orchestra.

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Metro Magazine

Metro Magazine

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Traditional violin bows are made of strong horse hair. This year, Cream Silk dared to push the limits of hair strength. With the promise of up to 10x stronger hair against hair fall, Cream Silk demonstrated the power of strong hair by collaborating with renowned bowmaker, Archetier Paul S.J. Goh to create Asia’s First Human Hair Violin Bow with the use of human hair that has been conditioned and strengthened with Cream Silk.

The Cream Silk Hair Sonata is a very unique, entertaining and inspiring musical performance that will show the world the power of hair that’s beyond strong and beyond beautiful.

Indeed, not only can strong hair be seen, it can be heard. 


Fashion Ate The Lawyer


Catch Cream Silk as they are presenting LUXEWEAR COLLECTION for Philippine Fashion Week SS2014. October 26, this Saturday- 9:30PM, Function Rooms 2 & 3



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  1. […] Filled the crowd with so much sophistication with the live violin performance using the Human Hair Bow. […]

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