Chris Jasler for 3Star SS2014 DenimArt

Chris Jasler 3Star

Chris Jasler
Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

“I have always believed that our life is a blank canvas and we are the artists who put colors on it. And this principle is what I’ve applied while making my Spring/Summer 2014 collection, DenimART. My latest offering is a raw denim repertoire presented in black and silver, as well as bright colors, which I designed specifically for those who want to express themselves through my creations.”

Fashion Ate The Lawyer


Photos from Celwyn Abasolo and Nelson Villarica at


Philippine Fashion Week, now on its 17th year, is the premier and largest fashion event in the country. Now staged bi-annually by Runway Productions, it is the brainchild of siblings and executive producers Audie and Joey Espino. The event aims to unify the Philippine fashion industry and to celebrate, first and foremost, the ingenuity of the Filipino talent—from the who’s who of Philippine fashion to emerging brands and designers slated to become the industry’s next big names.

With years of trend-setting expertise behind it, Philippine Fashion Week has evolved into the certified launch pad for both local and international fashion, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle brands. Aside from providing its diverse audience a preview of up-to-the-minute fashion trends that combine style and function, Philippine Fashion Week aims to be the catalyst that propels the country into the global fashion arena.

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