Mark Bumgarner 2014 Couture Collection



Unveiling the Mark Bumgarner 2014

Evening and Bridal Couture Collection.

Photography: Earl Semitara
Styling: Vince Criisostomo
Make Up: Joyce Platon
Hair: Lexxy Love
Model: Alisa Sazonova
Videographer: Rj Santos
Special thanks to : Josei Ouano Charmaine Semitara Rogando 10346373_924585060888472_1095456044386465607_n 10389963_924584810888497_6357651876093551429_n 10408092_924585320888446_5635790369486701922_n 10411235_924585484221763_1136933505278618455_n 10458881_924584620888516_382386420817989500_n 10481698_924585044221807_1792170406500669306_n 10489920_924584130888565_8334608187718495489_n 10501895_924584820888496_2173477122445806251_n 10525793_924584394221872_5195602895346349276_n 10533714_924585454221766_3560866073780316364_n 10553319_924585297555115_323534822879795057_n 10570504_924584297555215_85560051587395758_n 10568829_924584247555220_4788396841874148967_n 10502083_924585020888476_7537447242987773934_n


(For custom orders and inquiries, you may contact +63917 5219938.)



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