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Phosphor Watch Launch

Graduation is near and perfect gift to inspire your love ones who will graduate and grace the professional life?
Phosphor watches are on this summer!
Check their new collection for 2013!

















Check the press launch for the new collection here:

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Art Fair Philippines 2013

Art Fair Ayala60Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala61Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala01Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala02Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala03Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala04Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala05Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala06Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala07Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala08Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala09Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala10Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala11Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala12Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala13Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala14Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala15Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala16Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala17Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala18Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala19Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala59Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala58Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala57Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala56Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala55Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala54Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala53Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala52Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala51Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala50Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala49Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala48Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala47Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala46Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala45Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala44Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala43Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala42Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala41Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala40Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala39Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala38Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala37Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala36Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala35Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala34Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala33Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala32Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala31Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala30Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala29Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala28Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala27Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala26Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala25Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala24Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala23Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala22Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala21Feb2013

Art Fair Ayala20Feb2013

So much of inspirations!! 🙂
Congratulations Artists and Organizers.

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An Evening of Fine Wine

Right after the intimate luch at Enderun, Its time for a little wine tasting. Lets see what Marks and Spencer prepared for us:

Marks and Spencer Philippines, in partnership with Citibank gave the public a chance to indulge in the finest M&S wines during the Wine Tasting Activity held last February 7, at the first level of the M&S store in Greenbelt 5 from 5:00PM to 8:00PM.
Over a hundred people, including M&S Premium cardholders, Citibank cardholders, Nuffnang bloggers, as well as regular shoppers had the opportunity to immerse their senses in the finest selection of M&S wines.




The event was graced by Chie Gatchalian, Wine Sommelier and Owner of 5 1/2 Twists (a wine education and party service). A Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET Awardee), Chie has hosted wine appreciation nights for both private and corporate clients and teaches Basic Wine Appreciation courses as well as more advanced wine classes for a more mature wine-drinking clientele.
Ms. Chie gave a talk on the intricacies of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines and recommended the right pairing of cheese and wine, such as Brie cheese for Chardonnay & any of sparkling wines, Roquefort cheese for Muscat, Port & any other sweet wine, Edam cheese for Pinot Noir & Riesling and Gouda cheese for Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot. Aside from cheese, she also mentioned which food goes perfectly with a particular type of wine, from the appetizer to main course and dessert, as well as wines that can also be used for cooking and even baking.





She shared the ‘shake-sniff-sip’ technique, and observed that this type of event will help Filipinos, who are used to a ‘beer-drinking culture,’ have better appreciation for wines.


M&S Wine Tasting 10Feb2013

M&S Wine Tasting 11Feb2013

M&S Wine Tasting 12Feb2013

M&S Wine Tasting 09Feb2013

M&S Wine Tasting 08Feb2013

M&S Wine Tasting 07Feb2013

M&S Wine Tasting 06Feb2013

M&S Wine Tasting 05Feb2013

M&S Wine Tasting 04Feb2013

M&S Wine Tasting 01Feb2013

M&S Wine Tasting 03Feb2013

M&S Wine Tasting 02Feb2013
Each of the guests picked their own favourites from a total of 10 wines which were offered at the Wine Tasting, and were glad to know that these wines are offered at 20% off for ALL Wines as part of the on-going Valentine’s promotion until February 16 and are available at M&S stores in Alabang Town Center, Eastwood, Gateway, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 5, Robinsons Place Manila, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, Trinoma, Abreeza Mall, Davao, Marquee Mall, Ayala Center Cebu, Lim Ket Kai Center and Subic Harbour Point.

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Optimum Cooking Performance with the New Chef’s Classics Stainless Steel Fennel Series

Last February 7, we attended the launch of the Chef’s Calssics Stainless Steel Fennel Series at Enderun Colleges. It was new to me because I never attended any of the cooking ware launches but when I heard that Chef’s Classics going to launch its new collection its a go! Knowing the quality of cook wares they produced no doubt, this should be blogged!

We sat together in one intimate lunch with the press:

Chefs Classic 05Feb2013

Chefs Classic 03Feb2013

Main Course: Cajun Spiced Chicken Roulade with Onion Friend Potatoes, Natural Jus

Main Course: Cajun Spiced Chicken Roulade with Onion Friend Potatoes, Natural Jus

For the Dessert- Tiramisu

For the Dessert- Tiramisu

Chef’s Classics, the leader in premium cookware and kitchenware, continuescookware innovations and elegance with the launch of ts Fennel Series Stainless Steel Collection. Designed with a brushed stainless steel satin finish and mirror polish, it compliments both traditional and contemporary kitchen decor, allowing the Chef’s Classics Fennel Series collection to perfectly define commercial elegance.

Chefs Classic 09Feb2013

Mr. James Sy, General Manager of Metro Kitchenware,  talks about the Fennel Series

Mr. James Sy, General Manager of Metro Kitchenware, talks about the Fennel Series

“These days, chefs, culinary practitioners and homemakers look for the cookware that’s not only aesthetically designed and durable, but also offers consistent cooking performance,” says Marissa Nazareno, brand manager for Chef’s Classics. “The Fennel Series’ unique features and design makes it our most even-heating cookware collection to date, and we’re excited to bring this level of innovation and performance to their respective kitchens!’
Chefs Classic 07Feb2013

Chefs Classic 08Feb2013

Chefs Classic 23Feb2013

Chefs Classic 01Feb2013

Chefs Classic 02Feb2013

Chefs Classic 22Feb2013

Chef Sy, shows how the Chef’s Classics Stainless Steel Fennel Series works:
Chefs Classic 11Feb2013

Chefs Classic 14Feb2013

Chefs Classic 15Feb2013

Chefs Classic 12Feb2013

Chefs Classic 19Feb2013

Chefs Classic 18Feb2013

Chefs Classic 17Feb2013

Chefs Classic 20Feb2013

Chefs Classic 16Feb2013

Chefs Classic 21Feb2013

For more information please visit
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Have An Opinion

Vicky Herrera :
Have an opinion

Do you want your coffee a latte or a cappuccino? Don’t care? No. Make a decision, have an opinion.

Do you want to wear black or red today? It doesn’t matter? No. Have an opinion.

Make sense.

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Salad Day: LISA PUNK S/S 2013


True to its name, Salad Day continues its pursuit to capture juvenile and carefree days in their clothes. The label, headed by young designer, Willar Mateo, has just unveiled its sophomore collection entitled, Lisa Punk. According to him, the clothes are a play on the elements inspired by the work of graphic artist Lisa Frank combined with punk rock references. The pieces clearly reflect this frenetic inspiration. Everyday separates, staples which you would need in your own wardrobe, are re-imagined through the whims of an overly imaginative kid on acid. Items include zebra print sweaters, houndstooth hoodies, and oversize sheer tops. The detailing on the clothes, the style-lines, cuts and finishes, grant these pieces not only a spirit of joyfulness, but also a sense of quality and thoughtfulness in its manner of construction. It does not matter if you are young or young at heart. Whether you just recently discovered Lisa Frank pencil cases or you put away those artifacts of childhood a long time ago, the clothes will easily appeal to anyone who want to live in their salad days forever.













Photo Credits:
Clothes: Salad Day
Photography: Paolo Crodua
Videography: Judd Figuerres
Stylist: Japoi Dela Cruz
Hair: Adam Seth Teh
Make up: Raizel Dy
Models: Ivana Tyler Gonzales
Steffie Zie
Maverick Bernardo
Enzo Habulan
Words: Daniel Concepcion
Special Thanks: Gian Abraham and Austin Castanieda

Love love love! :)) Congratulations Salad Day! :))

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Bad Habits Shouldn’t Die Hard

Bad habits shouldn’t die hard

(Manila, Philippines) As we welcome the year of the Water Snake, we assimilate the positive energy of the Snake sign. It’s said to be the Yin to last year’s Dragon Yang, following that this year, we ought to not settle with mediocrity.

Feel-good enthusiasts agree on one thing – diet, exercise, and relaxation aren’t just a fad of 2012. A study made last year found that sitting at desks all day increases our death risk, noise pollution takes its toll on our sleeping habits, and in general, people were just working too much.

Nurturing bad habits won’t feel wrong anymore after continuously doing them. The key rests in a willingness to change and doing it now. But why do we push ourselves to change a lifestyle, train hard to lose the unflattering pounds, and switch to healthier alternatives? The need to feel good inside and out boosts confidence and improves our health. So we would want to load up on that.

Here are health and fitness trends to look out for this year, and perhaps commit to, if not all, most of them.

Find a workout that suits you best. Same with clothes and shoes, no exercise is fit for all. Search for inspiration and look for problem areas you want to change.

Heavy weight lifting for women for healthier bones and greater muscle definition is seen to take off this year. Another addition to the trend is Fitness On The Go. There are already hotels in some regions that offer space for yogis, and even workout videos for people doing cardio. San Francisco International Airport started offering yoga rooms already. But traveling or not, fitness studios have embraced the web, too, by offering online workouts.

Unwind and relax. No one can determine your threshold of a packed workweek but yourself. Find time to hit the spa once or twice a week to release stress, play sports, or just hit the movie house with the gang. With more than half of the world’s population living in urban spaces, perhaps try a nature trip for a stress antidote, because sometimes all you need is an escape from the bustle of the city.

Be a juicer. Healthy juicing is slowly making a craze, as juicing organic, raw veggies can improve your health by helping you meet your daily-recommended healthy diet. Search for a juice plan online and give it a shot. Everyone needs cleansing once in a while.

Technology and wellness. You’ve probably heard about or came across smartphone applications that are health-oriented. There are apps that help you track your calorie intake, and apps that allow you to record your exercise routines. Get the most out of technology today, for it also aids us in achieving our goals of becoming healthy.

Coconut water as refreshment? Yes, without the high-level sugar or calories. It has a hydrating benefit, which is known to be faster than regular water – thanks to its natural electrolyte-dense formula.
Tropicana Coco Quench Image (1 liter reg)
There are multiple brands of coconut water abroad, while Tropicana Coco Quench made its mark last year as Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines launched the first locally produced coconut water drink in Tetra Pak packaging. Tropicana Coco Quench locks in the freshness and natural benefits found in real coconut fruit, and improves its shelf life of up to 8 months.

Admittedly, kicking a bad habit is a little hard to do, but not until you finally decide to jump in and just kick it. The right dose of motivation can get anyone started. Start small, and the difference for your mind and body can go a long way.

Tropicana Coco Quench Image (330 ml reg)


About Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc.
Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. is the exclusive bottler of PepsiCo beverages in the Philippines, with a relationship spanning 65 years. Lotte Chilsung, one of the biggest beverage companies in South Korea, is the lead shareholder of PCPPI as an independently-listed company and co-manages it with PepsiCo. It is co-owned by Lotte Chilsung, one of the biggest beverage companies in South Korea. PCPPI manufactures and sells well-known brands such as Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton, Sting, and Premier. It has established manufacturing facilities across the country, serving at least 440,000 outlets and providing employment through its extensive distribution network. PCPPI was awarded “Pepsi Bottler of the Year – Asia” in 2006. To learn more, please visit us at

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From Dangwa to Drugstores: A Safe Valentine’s for Everyone

Whether your status is single, in a relationship, or that dreaded it’s complicated, the heart of months can be dangerous territory, especially mid-month. One wrong move can make you a member of the lonely hearts’ club, or even worse – facing the life-long consequences of one night of unprotected pleasure.
Which is why DKT Reproductive Health Inc., makers of Trust and Frenzy condoms, set up shop at the iconic flower market of Manila, Dangwa, to distribute condoms to both men and yes, women rushing to buy affordable bouquets for their significant other.
The yearly activity is part of the company’s thrust to not only give people information about their reproductive health choices, but to also provide accessible and affordable products that not only keep users safe and secure, but also their loved ones.
Aside from Dangwa, various DKT products are available at drugstores, convenience stores and partner health centers nationwide.
About DKT Philippines
DKT Philippines is the leading provider of reproductive health and family planning products in the Philippines, including condom brands Trust, Frenzy, Lick, and Premiere, as well as Trust Pill, the market leader of oral contraceptive pills under its “Filipinay” campaign.

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