OPTIMO COFFEE: The Right Mix Giveaway! (CLOSED)


f21 gc2

WANT TO WIN Forever 21 1k worth of GC and 8 Boxes of Optimo Coffee?

Here’s how you can join:

  1. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin‘. If you don’t have these accounts, it’s easy to make one!
  2. Like Optimo Coffee on Facebook and follow @OptimoCoffee on Twitter and Instagram
  3. Leave a comment below with your Email or Twitter and/or Instgram names.
  4. Tweet what accessories you want, Use #TheRightMix  and tag @OptimoCoffee and @MigotilyoManila

ex: “I want a Cat-eye Sunglasses @OptimoCoffee and @MigotilyoManila  check at miguelalomajan.wordpress.com!!”

Deadline for entries is on October 22, 2013 at 11:59 P.M.. Optimo will choose the winner  and I will announce them here at the comments section below on the 26th.

So, share with me your thoughts with your favorite accessories!


Fashion Ate The Lawyer

20 thoughts on “OPTIMO COFFEE: The Right Mix Giveaway! (CLOSED)

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  2. Thank you Migz.. ronanthonysgrospe@gmail.com/twitter: RON_BLOODLINE 😀

  3. Nelou Aguiba says:

    Email: NELOOOU@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @NELOOOU
    Instagram: @NELOOOU

  4. IG: chefpreneur_kia
    Twitter: chefpreneurkia
    Email: chefkiadelrosario@gmail.com

    It’s my first time to join! :p

  5. IG: chefpreneur_kia
    Twitter: chefpreneurkia

    First ever blog contest I’ve joined. I hope I win. 🙂 Thanks in advance, Migs! 🙂

  6. eugene_sietereales@yahoo.com.ph
    Twitter: alloverugen
    Instagram: theboyinshorts

  7. Khristel Anne Vital says:

    Khristel Anne Vital
    Twitter/IG: @vkhrstl

  8. sharmaine damian says:

    Email: sharmaine_619@yahoo.com/ sharmengg@gmail.com
    Twitter & IG: @sharmengg

  9. Anne says:


  10. Anne says:

    My first ever blog contest! Hope to win it! 🙂 GBU!
    Email: AnneBuela@yahoo.com.ph

  11. E-mail address: lianne_45@yahoo.com
    Twitter and Instagram: @asdfghjklyz

  12. Rangel Gan says:

    TWITTER: @ghenique08
    IG: @rangeldominique

  13. Junelie Tabangco says:

    twitter: @itsMeLiecious
    Ig: @annejunie


    Nelou Aguiba
    Twitter: @NELOOOU
    Instagram: @NELOOOU

    You are the Optimo Coffee choice for Forever 21 1k GC plus 8 boxes of Optimo Coffee 🙂

    XOXO 😉

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