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Men’s Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Year

Men’s fashion is taking on some bold looks this year. Whether you’re a guy interested in style, or a lady shopping for your man, you can find a number of interesting things that help update any wardrobe. So if you’re looking to bring 2014 in with some style, take a look at the interesting trends this year.

1. Prints  Sorry, guys, but floral prints aren’t just for ladies anymore. It might be in the form of blazers, shorts, ties, or shirts, but floral prints are here for men. This Van Gogh-like orange and blue shirt from Volcom proves that floral doesn’t mean girly. Other great prints showing a broad presence this year include polka-dots, watercolor, and camo. This interesting shirt from H&M is doing both, by printing a camo print that has soft edges like a watercolor. cats 2. Blazers  

2Many 80’s styles are experiencing a come-back this year, and no different is the double-breasted blazer. These blazers are a little different, however, like this one featured. No longer do they have shoulder padding so severe that these gentlemen look big-shouldered, long, and skinny, and no longer do they have severely-triangled buttons creating a line that makes the gentlemen look like inverted triangles. No, instead we have blazers that are fitted, usually with only one button fastened, and the collar wide to still give the broad-shouldered appearance without the gentlemen looking too disproportionate. Another great blazer trend is plain and checkered blazers. Plain blazers are reasonably easy to come by –like these from AliExpress– and checkered blazers make a really great fashion statement.

3. Accessories for Men

Interestingly, it’s becoming more popular for men to wear bracelets of all different kinds. In this picture, you can see a combination of leather and metal bracelets. The bracelets should appear somewhat ragged or shabby chic, and they should be layered for an overall effect. Also featured in this picture is a trend in men’s accessories that include sunglasses. Sunglasses this year either have tortoiseshell frames like these from Tom Ford, or they have mirrored lenses like several models from Carrera.

4. Leather Bags


Another rather large accessory that men are carrying around includes chic leather bags. These bags can be anything from buckled messenger bags to leather portfolios, but men have an array of necessary things they need for school or work (including notebooks, tablet computers, cell phones, etc) and these rustic leather bags bring a bit of old world style to the new world of technology and interaction.



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