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“I grew up knowing that [being in fashion] was the dream. That time, we didn’t have so many resources. We didn’t know so much about fashion. We had two publications that I read vigorously. The idea of fashion for me was all about designing. I didn’t know that it can be such a broad thing. There are so many parts of this business that are fashion-related, and you don’t necessarily need to be a designer to do that.”



“I was very lucky that I was able to go to America to study. I just graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I found various internships in different fields. One of those happened to be with Marc Jacobs when he was designing for Perry Ellis. I wasn’t even the assistant! I was the intern in the closet who checked garment bags.

“…that’s how everything started for me, I was so passionate about it… “

“When somebody ask me what was the thing that you defy it the most, It wasnt anything, I just want to breathe the air of fashion, i was just happy being there that’s how passionate, that’s how determined [I am], there is no other place for me, this is my goal.”



“Stay very focus, know what is the women you want to focus , be very distinctive, you have to have a very disctictive point of view, know yourself, be unique, be authentic to yourself, i see very often other designers trying to imitate other designers or admire or admiration, i say this to students, to editors, to anybody it’s about being yourself, it’s about being unique,it’s about being your own”


“..you call. You send me your lookbook. You find out what the email address is. You look in the magazine, you look at the masthead. Who are the market editors? You send them a letter. You send them an email. You follow up with the call. You will get someone to look at your designs, I promise. Because you know what? Here’s the job of an editor: The job of an editor is to find new talent. We’re always looking for new faces. It gives us pleasure when we find one thing we haven’t seen which is going to move us.”

Once one editor discover a good designer, it is not a secret it will pass on to other editors, to the other publisher, and everyone who want to see it.


“I remember when John Galliano and Alexander McQueen first started showing. Alexander had a very small apartment in Paris. Very powerful designer, who is creating very beautiful clothes. All the editors went to his apartment and saw five to six pieces. They were extraordinary. And I remember saying, “Wow! He’s going to be amazing. I also remember reading Zac Posen’s lookbook. He was so young. He showed us four to five pieces on a mannequin in his mother’s home. That’s where we first saw him.”


“Once you graduate, do an internship. Try it out! You have to experiment and see what you like. This is a phenomenal way to network, and also to figure out what you want to do.”


You have to have a dream, and you have to believe in yourself, you have to be persistent,
You have to be prepared.



“It is competitive.”
“Thereis no right or wrong in fashion”
“The energy because your working, its the enery and the dream that you can make it, its the dream that you can feel, you can really work hard and be recognized…”


“Bloggers have made it, competition is good, I appreciate what they do I read it, i follow them…”

“I like the bloggers. They give editors a little run for their money. But as editors, we offer a different kind of service. When I put together a magazine, I am putting together a magazine for different women for many different ages that have very different needs. The bloggers have a very personal point of view. Most of them are centered on themselves. I love the competition that the industry is changing so much, changing everyhting…”


Style has nothing to do with beauty, style is a very authentic point of view, they are never followers,


“People think fashion is [just about the] surface. It’s not. It’s a serious business. It’s a billion-dollar business that gives jobs to many, many people. It’s a very important industry in our country.”

As like Nina and other big names in fashion, they started small as an intern but that doesn’t made them less of a person but the person they wanted and dreamed to be.

It’s like climbing , climb slowly until you reach success as pressure make diamonds and when you climb faster and carelessly, the faster you fall.

It is indeed one inspiring night with Nina Garcia. Hope this will help in pushing dreams and achieving it.


Fashion Ate The Lawyer

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COLDSTONE CREAMERY: The Ultimate Ice Cream Now In Manila

coldstonecoldstone 13-IMG_21432013 by Miguel Alomajan

First Manila Store located at Serendra Fort Bonifacio Taguig

First Manila Store located at Serendra Fort Bonifacio Taguig

The Cold Stone Creamery® Ice Cream Revolution in Manila

President Michael McGill

President Michael McGill

If the customer is king, then the luxury of choice must be his queen. Now, ice cream connoisseurs in Manila will be treated like royalty with the opening of the Philippines’ first Cold Stone Creamery. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the premium ice cream brand offers smooth and creamy, made fresh daily ice cream in over 1,500 stores and 25 countries.

coldstoneIMG_7338 by Miguel Alomajan

There are an endless number of flavors and combinations that will be sure to please all palatal preferences. Just how many? A Harvard University doctoral study calculated 11.5 million Creation™ combinations are possible. In case you’re wondering, if you sampled a Creation a day, it would take more than 421 lifetimes (while eating from the day you were born) to get through the diversity of customers’ tastes.

these are my favorites!

these are my favorites!

coldstoneMudPieMojo by Miguel Alomajan

Never before, in local ice cream history, has quality gone hand in hand with this impressive level of customization. It is accomplished by a process in which crew members mix the super-premium ice cream and other top quality mix-ins on a frozen granite stone with spades.
coldstoneIMG_7307 by Miguel Alomajan

coldstoneIMG_7378 by Miguel Alomajan

In addition to customizing your own Creation, Cold Stone Creamery serves a variety of Signature Creations™ in smoothies, cakes and shakes form. Customers can choose from amongst one of the following signatures all made fresh daily.
• Founder’s Favorite®
• Peanut Butter Cup Perfection™
• Chocolate Devotion™
• Our Strawberry Blonde™
• Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip™
• Birthday Cake Remix™
• Coffee Lovers Only®
• Cheesecake Fantasy®
• OREO® Overload™
• Berry, Berry, Berry Good®

coldstonecoldstone 14-IMG_21442013 by Miguel Alomajan

Gretchen Barretto, Boy Abunda and Karylle

Gretchen Barretto, Boy Abunda and Karylle

Michael McGill – President of International, Kahala lead the ribbon cutting.

Michael McGill – President of International, Kahala lead the ribbon cutting.

coldstoneIMG_7274 by Miguel Alomajan

coldstoneIMG_7270 by Miguel Alomajan

coldstonecoldstone 18-IMG_21482013 by Miguel Alomajan

Benjie Paras making an ice cream

Benjie Paras making an ice cream



Julz Savard hosted the night

Julz Savard hosted the night

Gretchen Barretto and Julz Savard

Gretchen Barretto and Julz Savard

Julz with the fashionable kid at the Party

Julz with the fashionable kid at the Party

“We are excited and confident about our consumer reception. Our country’s warm climate makes ice cream a favorite product all-year round and Cold Stone Creamery will elevate this indulgence into a yummy art form. As the premier American ice cream concept, Cold Stone Creamery promotes and encourages a fun and friendly experience through personalized Creations™. We are proud and privileged to develop the brand in the Philippines,” said Yuki Rosenfeld of Arizona Ice Cream Corporation, the franchise holder in the Philippines. “The multi-awarded global brand is also recognized as among the fastest-growing franchises in the world. It dubbed the saying the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience™ and that is exactly what we will deliver to our customers.”

Cold Stone Creamery’s first Manila store is located at the Serendra in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.. And will be opening another branch soon in Mall of Asia.

Visit http://www.coldstonecreamery.com for more details, or like http://www.facebook.com/coldstoneph

Fashion Ate The Lawyer

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