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TechnoMarine’s Top of The Game Faces


It’s Time: Their Moment has come

Everyone who aspires for greatness carries deep within their hearts the belief that their time will come. Regardless of the field they wish to establish themselves in, the humble beginnings they staff off with, or the impact they hope to make, everyone longs for the day when they can say with an indubitable sense of knowing that they’ve “made it”.
I love to meet and talk to different kind of people, I want to know their stories no matter how good or bad is that, how successful or kinda-going-to-be-successful-in-time because its the reality, one learns from another.
As blessing- and passion and handwork- would have it, the following people are among the biggest names in their respective fields. Having grown in more ways that mere celebrity and fame, these individuals are the top of their game and their time is now. Ladies and gentlemen, Bianca Gonzalez, Kiefer Ravena, Phil Younghusband, and Heart Evangelista have arrived.



Bianca Gonzalez is a TV Host, fashion magazine editor, and media personality whose voice resonates with the Filipino youth. Through her blog, her hosting, her Sunday lifestyle column, or the various talks she gives, she has become an opinion leader- an eminent force in media encouraging the youth to become active and involved. With so many projects on hands, she is continuously growing and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. The perfect mix of strength and femininity, Biance personifies TechnoMarine’s Cruise Ceramic line. Though Ceramic has a smooth and sensual exterior, its precise craftmanship ensures its strength and durability but with a beautiful finish- much like the strong female voice that is Bianca.


Kiefer Ravena is a young basketball player for the Ateneo Blue Eagles, whose exceptional skills and performance on the court have earned him nicknames such. As “The Phenom” or “Blue Mamba”. Though only a junior in college, Kiefer’s basketball resume includes playing for the nation team in 2011’s SEA Games, Rookie of the Year in his freshmen year, as well as two UAAP championships so far. For all he has helped achieve for the Ateneo community, he has become more than just a star player but a school hero, inspiring hope for another championship title. AN unstoppable force on the court and student slash homegrown celebrity off it, Kiefer epitomizes the Steel Evolution watch- TechnoMarine’s next generation steel chronograph that features colored sub dials against a cool steel face as well as TechnoMarine’s signature interchangeable strap system, making it versatile enough to suit any occasion. A watch that’s sporty yet fits in a smart environment- perfect for a college basketball hero.




Phil Younghusband is arguably the biggest name in the Philippine football, offering his talents to the Philippine Azkals and the Loyola Meralco Sparks Football Club. It was during his time with the Azkals that football really started to gain a following in the country. In order to further plant the seeds of its growth, Phil and his brother put up the Younghusband Football Academy to enhance the skills of young Filipino footballers. Like many professional players, his following is not limited to the die-hard football fans that flock to pubs to watch games; one of the country’s favorite faces, this British Filipino has sparked the interest of the female fans as well. An athlete and a heartthrob, nothing suits Phil better than TechnoMarine’s Black Reef Collection- a masculine, oversize watch full of energy and testosterone. Drawing inspiration from one of the best diving sports in the world, the Black Reef collection features the vibrant colors of the underwater spectacle and is the perfect water-resistant, high-powered luxury sport watch for diving and all kinds of adventure. The Black Reef is the watch for the trailblazers- like Phil, who has begun to make waves in Philippine Football.




Though Heart Evangelista has been in the show business scene for over a decade, her career is as colorful as ever. An actress, TV host, singer, VJ, and commercial model, Heart has dabbed in many creative outlets and found success in all her endeavors. The celebrated star has grown up in front of the camera and her fans, from the sweet girl-next-door to a full-fledged actress with prestigious awards under her belt. Much like Heart’s point in her career, the Cruise Treasure Quest with Diamonds of TechnoMarine brings a new twist to an old favorite. Following the success of the Cruise treasure timepieces, the Treasure Quest with the Diamonds ups its predecessor with its luxury elements such as Mother of Pearl, pink gold, white diamonds and blue sapphires- the glitz and glamour of which will sweep you into a fantasy. An artiste who paves her own path, Heart holds her own as she embarks on the treasure quest to success.



At the heart of these awe-inspiring stories is the underlying fact that their time came while doing what they loved. Pure passion,and determination is the key to the endless hardworking power that drives everyone, you’ll see success cant be too far round the corner. Its not the fame, power or money, but its the accomplishment and the fulfillment that you made through your decision in that certain time that made an impact for who you are today.

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VELOCI WATCH Launch its 2013 Collection




Stylish. Young. Elegant. These three words perfectly describe the Italian-inspired VELOCI watch collection. VELOCI gives new meaning to wearing a wristwatch as the newest lineup breathes new life to classic watch designs through its unique Italian-inspired design, technology, and passion.

The VELOCI timepiece has a clear approach: it has an iconic premium design with a price tag that’s easy on the wallet. Its brand name is deeply rooted in its meaning in the Italian language- “speed,” which is reminiscent of the lifestyle it embodies: fast-paced, adventurous, yet with a young and stylish look all at once.



The classic timepiece currently has three collections under its belt, which all tell time as well as a statement of individual style. VELOCI hence stands as a trendy and flexible travel companion and accessory, with each timepiece complemented with three watchstraps of different colors and patterns.

The VELOCI Collection of the Now: Cruise and Voyager

VELOCI’s current collection draws its inspiration from the sea. The myriad of colors seen in this collection proves that you don’t need to be out at sea in hopes of discovering something truly exciting.



The VELOCI Cruise collection is a testament that color is everything. In this collection, VELOCI aims to breathe a fresh and practical perspective to its time pieces that match whatever you are wearing, whether on-the-go or simply just cruising about your day. The Cruise collection comes in a palette of colors from cool pastel pink to lemon yellow and subdued hues of gray and classic white to the more adventurous bright red, purple, and blue, all in a 38mm size.



The Voyager collection, too, is inspired by the depths of the sea. While the Cruise collection boasted of a more romantic appeal, the Voyager collection showcases a more outdoors-driven trend for the active lifestyle. Voyager may be recognized as the masculine counterpart to Cruise’s feminine and relaxed side.

Despite the collection’s rougher and rugged feel, Voyager also has a little something for the ladies who opt for something on the boyish side. The nautical-inspired watch collection comes in a variety of watch dial colors: orange for the more adventurous individuals, blue, silver and black for those who prefer classic hues. The watch features a rotating bezel and comes a regular 40mm and the bigger size, a more modern 44mm.



The New VELOCI Aeronaute Collection

This time around, VELOCI takes to the skies in this new collection with a premium timepiece known as Aeronaute. Created by the VELOCI team composed of aviation enthusiasts and watch manufacturers, this collection boasts of the finest materials made with exquisite craftsmanship. True to VELOCI form, its Italian design resonates all throughout its various pieces in subtle dark colors. Aeronaute also carries a few lighter shades: a subdued yellow and white, but the darker and more sophisticated colors take center stage.

VELOCI comes to life with the new Aeronaute collection along with the previously released Cruise and Voyager.

Hosted by Joyce Pring

Hosted by Joyce Pring

Models Hideo, Fatima and Jasmine in their Veloci Watch

Models Hideo, Fatima and Jasmine in their Veloci Watch

Model Osni

Model Osni

Veloci Watch IMG_5065 fashionAtetheLawyer

Veloci Watch IMG_5068 fashionAtetheLawyer

Veloci Watch IMG_5069 fashionAtetheLawyer

Stylist Andrea with boyfriend  Matt

Stylist Andrea with boyfriend Matt

TimeStudio Marketing Jill Lua and Stylist Andrea Rebullida

TimeStudio Marketing Jill Lua and Stylist Andrea Rebullida

us with PR Head Rochelle Romero

us with PR Head Rochelle Romero

VELOCI watch designs seen in Cruise and Voyager took this NATO level of quality and introduced an entire palette of colors and color patterns to accessorize the collection. Stylish and flexible with a modern twist, both collections are fastened securely but comfortably on the wrist, making it an ideal and dependable companion.

The night was so star-studded showcasing their Veloci wathches. Thanks Veloci for my Veloci Voyager Watch!

Fashion Ate The Lawyer

VELOCI watch is available at selected L TIMESTUDIO, Timegear, and Asprey Boutiques.

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Regatta Style and Scent Spring/Summer 2013

Regatta, the leading fashion brand known for its easy feel and relaxed fashion, once again pushes the boundaries of style and scent with a launch that welcomes two new additions to their portfolio – a fresh new scent, Leisure and the Preppy Resort summer collection.

The introduction of a new fragrance is sure to capture the season for both men and women. Regatta’s latest scent, aptly named Leisure, represents the casual and comfy experience that the fashion brand offers.
Leisure is what a Regatta summer smells like: A light combination of freshness for women or an outdoorsy combination of musk for men. The summer bouquet evokes a memory of summer that perfectly complements the brands’ summer collection wear.

Regatta06-Garrett Zebley Regatta (8)[4]Mar2013

Regatta04-Garrett Zebley Regatta (5)[6]Mar2013

To match the new scent is the brand’s latest summer collection: Preppy Resort continues the tradition of relaxed leisure fashion with a burst of bright and fun summer colors in its key pieces. The collection boasts of classic tops and bottoms in vivid and seemingly contrasting shades.
Regatta welcomes summer_scents

The collection also includes a wide variety of prints, from colorful surf boards, and bicycles to floral paintings. What make the clothes interesting is the repetition of prints that puts a twist on basic tees, shirts and accessories.
Regatta03-Garrett Zebley Regatta (4)[5]Mar2013
For men, basic polo shirts and simple flat-front tailored pants are given a fashion makeover through the use of summer shades. It highlights the clean and fresh expression of summer fun with a dash of preppiness. New for the brand are multi striped tank tops which are perfectly paired with the colorful and lightweight, drawstring summer shorts.

For women, feminine dress shirts, flattering tops and comfortable skirts are given new life with adorable hues. Additionally, colorful tees, cotton blouses, colored jeans and nautical prints aim to awaken one’s summer beach cravings.
One of the key components in this collection is the use of chambray fabric that is lighter and softer than linen. The fabric provides a relaxed look but also highlights the preppy essentials on bright polos, printed woven shirts, dresses and chinos.


Regatta15-Regatta Show11Mar2013Mar2013

Regatta05-Garrett Zebley Regatta (6)[6]Mar2013


Regatta14-Regatta Show09Mar2013Mar2013
Regatta08-Regatta Show02Mar2013Mar2013

Regatta09-Regatta Show03Mar2013Mar2013

Regatta10-Regatta Show04Mar2013Mar2013

Regatta11-Regatta Show05Mar2013Mar2013

Regatta12-Regatta Show06Mar2013Mar2013

Regatta13-Regatta Show07Mar2013Mar2013
Adding to your summer getaway is a Mix and Match collection of swimsuit tops and bottoms that stand out. These swimsuit pieces are perfect while sailing, sunbathing, and surfing or any beach activity the day might bring. A loosely knitted white cover up complements the women’s swimwear well.
With this collection, Regatta makes the most out of the season’s theme with designs that certainly up the fun fashion and easy vibe the brand is known for.

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