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MELANCHOLIA: Kaye Morales Holiday 2014 Photo Story




I can only do what I know. I can only create from what I feel.

And when sadness has taken hold of your heart and floods it, the only way to escape the drowning is to express it. Expression is a way to breathe whilst submerged in the ebbs and flow of sorrow.

I realize that the only way to defeat sadness is to embrace it, to let it envelop your being. If you don’t want it to overwhelm, you have to befriend it. You must understand it and know it’s intricacies.

This is what I’ve come to know:

Sadness is black. It is what is left when all the other colors are muted. It is the shade of emptiness when reflection dies.

Sadness is a force and it comes in irregular insistent waves. It folds the fabric of your being into irregular shapes, pleated like a scar or crumpled like a wound. Sadness is both gentle and unrelenting; the texture is sometimes soothing, sometimes rough, but always on the edge of something desperate.

And when you have come to know sadness, it becomes pleasing. Sadness becomes a friend. It becomes alive. Thus, sadness becomes Melancholia. Sadness becomes beautiful.





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FASHION by Kaye Morales
STYLING by Janno Styles
ASSISTED BY Ronan Espadero
MODELS ( ELITE MANILA ) Shao Trinidad I Dasha and Gustavo Krier
HEADPIECES BY Jake Tabudlo and Tony Evan




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Now Showing: Mercedes Cabral’s Bad Romance

bad romance red carpet premiere Bad Romance by Miguel Alomajan Gravure Shoot
“Bad Romance” stars Aiza Seguerra, Rey PJ Abellana, Archie Alemania, Jayson Gainza, Ogie Diaz, Janelle Manahan, and Mercedes Cabral directed by Ian del Carmen.

MTRCB Rating: R-16 Approved Without Cuts

bad romance red carpet premiere Bad-Romance-Movie-Mercedes-Cabral-600x222 by Miguel Alomajan Gravure Shoot


Andrea Maglalang (Mercedes Cabral) is a hotel receptionist in Castaway Hotel who is in love with a TV/movie star Sam Lloyd Pascual (Mr. Philippines 2011, Francis Lopez) who is the leading man of Sarah Alonzo (Janelle Manahan). Jeboy Macaraig (Aiza Seguerra) is a private investigator hired to work on Eduardo Villapando (Rey PJ Abellana), the hotel owner who is having an affair with a young girl Melanie Thompson (Bb. Pilipinas 2012 Ms. Photogenic & 2nd-Runner Up Ms. Resorts World 2012, Karen Gallman). Their lives intertwined, Andrea shares a passionate night of love with and gets dumped by Sam Lloyd, and so her psyche begins to unravel in unpredictable and deadly ways.


* Director of Photography is Hollywood’s Daniel Anaya (“From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Titanic”)
* This is Aiza Seguerra’s first-ever indie film
* This is also the first indie film of Jayson Gainza and Ogie Diaz
* This is the first screen appearance of Janelle Manahan after Ramgen Revilla
* Introducing two new beautiful faces from Mr. Philippines and Bb. Pilipinas
* Mercedes Cabral’s dream role as a psycho

Me for Gala Event Guru with Shandii J, Ino Amoyo of David's Salon, Paul Roquia and Bad Romance Director Ian Del Carmen

Me for Gala Event Guru with Shandii J, Ino Amoyo of David’s Salon, Paul Roquia and Bad Romance Director Ian Del Carmen


“Bad Romance” is Ian del Carmen’s first full-length feature film after becoming a playwright for theater, a writer in some ABS-CBN shows like “MTB,” “Sharon,” “Lukso ng Dugo,” and “Showbiz No. 1,” among others, and a segment director for “Pinoy Big Brother.”

He studied filmmaking from the Hollywood Film Institute under Quentin Tarantino’s mentor Dov SS. Simens and the International Academy of Film and Television under Hollywood-based mentors like Greg Curda (“The Godfather”) and Daniel Anaya (“From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Titanic”).

His up-coming film projects include three English movies: “Celluloid,” “Sabine,” and the film adaptation of the Amazon bestseller “Rebels of Mindanao.”

On the red carpet premiere of Bad Romance in SM MegaMall:

Cinema 7 of MegaMall

Cinema 7 of MegaMall

A lot of people waiting to watch the movie

A lot of people waiting to watch the movie

Interview with Ms. Mercedes Cabral

Interview with Ms. Mercedes Cabral

bad romance red carpet premiere IMG_0511 by Miguel Alomajan Gravure Shoot

I love the CAKE! :)

I love the CAKE! 🙂

gorgeous kids

gorgeous kids

Bad Romance is now showing at SM MegaMall Cinema 7.

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