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D&V Hairpieces 4w fashionAtetheLawyer

Latest hair trend, colour!

We have been browsing the world wide web for some cool photos and stumbled upon these images in one of the fashion blogs. This deserves some blue green hair rebloggin’ and lovin’!;)

The hair trend is getting cooler and cooler that funky hair colors like green and blue are considered trendy, edgy and fashionable. From conservative colors like brown, caramel, different shades of blonde and reds, hair color range becomes wider that pink, blue and green are becoming an option these days. Not only that it’s a self expression but this hair trend is seen in some of the fashion ad campaigns of big brands when you browse the magazines and see the billboards. It’s been the content of most images seen in the social media like instagram, twitter and some fashion blogs. The funkier the color, the trendier, the cooler! We just love it!

Check out these images we spotted in Coco Fennell’s Blog, featuring some cool shades but we just can’t help but notice the hair of the models!

D&V Hairpieces 5 fashionAtetheLawyer

D&V Hairpieces 18w fashionAtetheLawyer

D&V Hairpieces 15 fashionAtetheLawyer

Glamour is a pain especially if you’ll have to dye your mane to achieve these looks. But there’s an easy and more glamourous way to achieve that! So-Real Ombre Hair Extensions are now available in selected Beauty Bar stores in Manila if you want an instant fashionable ombre that won’t cost you money, time and hair fall from too much hair coloring! So-real Colour Highlights are also available if you’re trying to get that neon strip and D&V Hairpieces Colour Highlights for a variety of colors to choose from! Visit your nearest Beauty Bar stores!

D&V Hairpieces Real Hair Extensions

D&V Hairpieces Real Hair Extensions

D&V Hairpieces Screen-Shot-2013-08-14-at-2.19.58-PM fashionAtetheLawyer

Do you think this hair trend is hot or not? We think it’s HOT!

Fashion Ate The Lawyer

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