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MAKING MEGA: September’s Biggest Fashion Party

MakingMega DSC_0531 fashionAtetheLawyer

Fashion documentaries, like fashion itself, are aspirational. They will let you know what’s happening behind every detail of the pages of the magazine, the people inside it, the stories and ups and downs that is still fashionable.
I really love watching Fashion documentaries; it gives the viewer a pass to view in general what they are working for and how they are putting every effort in a full beautiful page. It’s about passion, dream and success in fashion.

In the Philippines, (adding to the many firsts of MEGA) a Fashion documentary of the issue cleverly titled #MakingMEGA – Anne Curtis in South America, a 45-minute video of the story and creation of a record-breaking magazine masterpiece directed by One Mega Group’s TV100 Head Michael Carandang. In the documentary, Anne Curtis and the editorial team traveled to the colorful South America in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in Machu Picchu, Peru.

MakingMega DSC_0488 fashionAtetheLawyer

I remember what Sari Yap, Mega EIC, “..more than anything in Making Mega, aside from producing beautiful pictures, was getting to know “beautiful” people.” It is indeed what this industry offers, beautiful not just physically but in every aspect of being beautiful, and it has to be the drive, the passion and the heart to really show its true beauty.

Mega Editor-in-Chief Sari Yap

Mega Editor-in-Chief Sari Yap

Host G Tongi

Host G Tongi

Host of the night G Töngi brought out her ever-dazzling energy, welcomed the fashionable crowd, and then called up on stage the MEGA team behind the historical 406-page fashion glossy.

The night would never be complete without honoring the girl on the cover of the biggest fashion magazine in the country.

Mega Magazine Editor-in-Chief Sari Yap made sure to give a more than worthy introduction for Anne Curtis to come up on stage and say a few words and share some of her experiences from the one-of-a-kind ‘Making MEGA’ trip.

Making Mega Cover girl Anne Curtis

Making Mega Cover girl Anne Curtis

Bavaria and Tino Suits Brand Ambassador Lucas Raven

Bavaria and Tino Suits Brand Ambassador Lucas Raven

Free-flowing Bavaria beer led the beautiful crowd to party all night with Brazilian injected house music to accompany everyone’s will to dance. Definitely another Mega history in the making. #MakingMEGA

MakingMega DSC_0547 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0543 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0542 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0540 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0536 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0521 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0515 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0509 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0506 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0505 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0504 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0496 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0469 fashionAtetheLawyer

Petrol Show

Petrol Show

MakingMega DSC_0470 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0465 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0467 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0468 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0460 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0459 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0464 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0448 fashionAtetheLawyer

MakingMega DSC_0453 fashionAtetheLawyer

“Never fall asleep during a car ride — you’ll never know what will inspire you”
– Grace Coddington

You deserve to be inspired, watch the Making Mega fashion documentary at http://www.megastyle.ph.

Fashion Ate The Lawyer

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