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Swiss Brand Victorinox Launches Exclusive Loyalty Card

Victorinox Launch IMG_4161 fashionAtetheLawyer

Keeping it Klasse
Victorinox hosts a posh cocktail party and launches an exclusive loyalty card.

Dating back to 1884, Victorinox is a Swiss heritage brand that has proved its unparalleled claim for superior product innovation through its cutting-edge selection of Swiss knives, time pieces, apparel, travel gear, cutlery, and fragrances.

An ultimate and global provider of sophisticated and reliable lifestyle products, Victorinox has undeniably brought pride and utmost recognition to its homeland. Primarily, the brand has constantly exhibited high-grade craftsmanship, top-notch quality, and state-of-the-art innovation – all of which are distinct marks of the Swiss culture.

With a full intent to re-introduce itself to its highly-discerning market, the world’s most beloved and iconic Swiss brand, Victorinox, celebrated yet another milestone by hosting “Klasse,” a chic and stylish evening gathering held last August 14 at Oz Bar at the Holiday Inn – a meaningful gathering which was also in line with the recent Swiss National day celebrations.

Victorinox Show 1Victorinox Launch IMG_4202 fashionAtetheLawyer fashionAtetheLawyer

models in General and Victorinox Ensemble

In the country, Victorinox is a brand patronized by those who value premium craftsmanship and the highest of quality, along with elegance and sophistication. That is to say that it attracts those with discriminating standards and refined tastes.

Victorinox Show 1Victorinox Launch IMG_4200 fashionAtetheLawyer copy copy fashionAtetheLawyer

models in General and Victorinox Ensemble

It was no surprise that among the guests who flocked to the sophisticated evening gathering were the city’s crème de la crème, including corporate bigwigs, most sought-after celebrities, and today’s most influential personalities from the media.

Victorinox Show 1Victorinox Launch IMG_4202 fashionAtetheLawyer2 fashionAtetheLawyer

models in General and Victorinox Ensemble

Victorinox Launch IMG_4187 fashionAtetheLawyer

Jimmy Thai, President and CEO Primer Group of Companies

As the night escalated, the attention of guests was redirected to the main program wherein Victorinox introduced itself with a toast followed by a few words from Primer Group of Companies’ AVP, Darwin Banez, by welcoming the esteemed guests with a toast. The event’s guest of honor, Swiss ambassador Ivo Sieber graced the event and shared kind words about the longstanding and amicable relations between our countries

Finally, highlighting the program was the launch of the Victorinox Klasse card, a loyalty card that entitles its members to receive various perks and privileges. Among these perks are (1) an invitation to private selling events and exclusive Victorinox events such as product launches and parties, (2) a 20 percent discount on one’s birthday month, (3) quarterly privileges with partner establishments, and (4) promotions exclusive to the card holder.

Victorinox Launch IMG_4192 fashionAtetheLawyer

As the night’s special guest, Ambassador Sieber was called on to the stage once again to be dubbed as the Klasse card’s first honorary member. Soon, cards were distributed to the guests as well.

Victorinox Launch IMG_4221 fashionAtetheLawyer

Swiss Ambassador Ivo Sieber

Victorinox Launch IMG_4208 fashionAtetheLawyer

Victorinox Launch IMG_4185 fashionAtetheLawyer

Shen Jarlega and Carvey Sam

Capping off the night’s safe fete was an exciting raffle which allowed a few lucky guests to take home some of Victorinox’s most iconic products. Among the prizes raffled off were the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Explorer, a Victorinox Swiss Army Original, a Victorinox Swiss Army Victoria, a Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision, and a Victorinox Werks Professional business case. The event’s hotel sponsor, Holiday Inn, also gave away GCs applicable for use in their in-house restaurants.

Victorinox Launch IMG_4163 fashionAtetheLawyer

Victorinox Launch IMG_4162 fashionAtetheLawyer

Victorinox is a brand that has its roots entwined I history, however, its constant strife for innovation and excellence has led to its inimitable reputation for producing superior lifestyle products – a mark that brings to its country and one that is embraces by the whole world to this very day.

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General x Mini Cooper NOT NORMAL Campaign

General x Mini CooperIMG_4120 fashionAtetheLawyer

Taking a Detour

By habit of idealization, a man is appreciated only in his extremes: once at the peak of youth, jocular and full of pep, and once more in his silver years, reverential and wise. But what occurs between these hallmarks— the long and winding transit years– gives us a ture-to-life perspective of the versatility that makes the General man.

General x Mini CooperIMG_4159 fashionAtetheLawyer

Timed with the abruft passing of seasons, this looks at the unpredictability of male trends and how General reins in that quality with finesse. The Curatorship program also takes a curious turn as they proudly welcome the British carmaker Mini to the gentlemen’s table.

General x Mini CooperIMG_4121 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4123 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4126 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4127 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4129 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4132 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4143 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4135 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4139 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4141 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4145 fashionAtetheLawyer

Primer Group's Rail Floresca, Drew Arellano, CEO Raymond Racaza, Mond Share's Ton Gatmaitan, TVC Director Sid Maderazo, Troy Montero and Photog Kai Huang

Primer Group’s Raoul Floresca, Drew Arellano, CEO Raymond Racaza, Mond Share’s Ton Gatmaitan, TVC Director Sid Maderazo, Troy Montero and Photog Kai Huang

Primer Group's Leya, Jay, Guia, Pat, Clarrisa and Macel

Primer Group’s Leya, Jay, Guia, Pat, Clarrisa and Macel

Australian Blogger Khai and Robbie

Australian Blogger Khai and Robbie

with Primer Group's PR and Events Managaer Macel Abejero

with Primer Group’s PR and Events Managaer Macel Abejero

Mini lends its inventive spirit to coax out the General man’s dynamic lifestyle. Both names find kinship in their pursuit of heightening the senses- seen in their combined admiration for the volatile disposition of the young, tempered against the anvil of good taste.

This collaboration also makes room for MINI’s lifestyle items in the store. Short of raising Union Jack and adopting a Cockney accent, the influences of the Curatorship add a decidedly British flavor to the General’s menswear collection with apparel, bags, and accessories. Visit the store located at Bonifacio High Street and Robinson’s Magnolia and risk a bit of NOT NORMAL into your style.

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