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Aeropostale PH Grand Launch


Fashion becomes even more exciting with the addition of American retail giant, Aeropostale, to our local shopping scene. Exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists Inc., Aeropostale opened its flagship store at the Ground Floor of the New Glorietta May 2013.


The history of the name Aeropostale dates back to the 1920’s. Compagnie Generale Aeropostale, a pioneer airmail company, was the first ever to fly between France, South Africa, and South America; most definitely a spectacular achievement for its day. The early Aeropostale stores even captured the essence of this airmail voyage both in the original store design and in the aviation styled leather bomber jackets that they sold.

Opened in 1987, Aeropostale has always represented a sense of adventure, achievement and dedication. Today, Aeropostale had become one of the fastest growing and most recognized specialty retailers of casual apparel and accessories, for the young, trendy teens. With price range that is easy on the pocket, they can enjoy high-quality and fashion forward pieces that are staples in every wardrobe.






A mall-based, specialty retailer of casual apparel and accessories, Aeropostale’s clients range from 14 to 18 year-old girls and guys who prefer a selection of high-quality, active-oriented, fashion basic merchandise at compelling values. Aeropostale maintains control over its proprietary brands by designing, marketing and selling all of its own merchandise.

Kryz Uy and Ailene Co

Blogger Tricia Gosingtian and Ailene Co

Cadiz Hispano and her friends

Cadiz Hispano and her friends


spotted these pretty girls Yanna, Mica, Bettina and Riana of Absoluteely Savvy

spotted these pretty girls Yanna, Mica, Bettina and Riana of Absoluteely Savvy


Ailene and I visited the store

Ailene and I visited the store







With its brand heritage and New York roots, Aeropostale is sure to be the next fashion hot spot in the Metro.


Fashion Ate The Lawyer

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Stradivarius Spring 2013 Launch

stradivariusIMG_0672 copy by Miguel Alomajan
Spanish brand for the cosmopolitan, chic lady, opens in Manila

Welcome glamour and style, which every woman desires, as Stores Specialists, Inc. brings in a brand that exudes a feminine, fresh and creative vibe—Stradivarius.

Settling in Glorietta, its first home here in the Metro, the fashionable elite are encouraged to use their imagination and combine its unique collections to radiate an urban chic personal style. With its presence felt in 54 countries, and over 750 stores worldwide, Stradivarius comes in as an innovative concept store that adapts catwalk trends to the daily needs of its customers.

The Stradivarius Spring ’13 campaign sports natural colored garments as the perfect camouflage for the desert sands. Footwear and accessories will play an important role in the collection. Must-have items include the trucker style hat, metallic sunglasses, and industrial style chunky necklaces. Fringes, box styles and transparent materials will feature strongly in bags.

stradivariusIMG_0576 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0663 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0662 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0661 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0655 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0645 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0643 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0641 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0640 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0625 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0622 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0620 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0616 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0600 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0599 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0595 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0588 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0577 copy by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0677 by Miguel Alomajan

Collections that speak of effortless attire and natural styles, Stradivarius gives priority to ethnic inspired moods, followed by urban sport chic, an invasion of stripes and a frenzy of indigo in all its guises.

Let Stradivarius take you on a journey to blissful self-expression through spirited clothing and trendy finds.

stradivariusIMG_0549 copy by Miguel Alomajan-vert

Rogue guys

Rogue guys

stradivariusIMG_0552 by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0557 by Miguel Alomajan

stradivariusIMG_0560 by Miguel Alomajan

Mega guys

Mega guys

stradivariusIMG_0570 by Miguel Alomajan

Fashion Ate the Lawyer

In the Philippines, Stradivarius is exclusively distributed by International Specialty Wear Inc (ISWI), a subsidiary of Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI). Stradivarius is now open at Glorietta 2, Makati City.

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Bershka Ph Launch

Bershka LaunchIMG_1025 by Miguel Alomajan

Stores Specialists Inc. collaborates with the Inditex Group, one of the world’s biggest fashion retailers, to bring in the well-known Spanish clothing brand, Bershka, to Manila. Under the Inditex umbrella are sister brands Zara and Massimo Dutti which offer a plethora of stylish pieces to cosmopolitan women.

Trendy girls who are well-traveled can vouch for the reasonably priced fashionable collections that Bershka showcases in 785 stores around the world. It’s about time this fashion concept is brought to our tropical shores!

Bershka LaunchIMG_1036 by Miguel Alomajan

Bershka LaunchIMG_1040 by Miguel Alomajan

Bershka LaunchIMG_1022 by Miguel Alomajan

Bershka LaunchIMG_1026 by Miguel Alomajan

Bershka LaunchIMG_1031 by Miguel Alomajan

Bershka LaunchIMG_1037 by Miguel Alomajan

Bershka LaunchIMG_1023 by Miguel Alomajan

Bershka LaunchIMG_1020 by Miguel Alomajan

Bershka LaunchIMG_1015 by Miguel Alomajan

Bershka LaunchIMG_1017 by Miguel Alomajan

Metropolitan Chic
The Spring Summer 2013 collection boasts of avant-garde sophistication in the form of straight, asymmetrical cut garments. Layering is encouraged through transparency tricks. A must-have look for the season features skinny cigarette pants with a bandana underneath a bolero jacket. Bershka puts a feminine touch on leather and bomber jackets by using vaporous fabrics and flower appliques. The use of soft natural colors like nude and pink contrast to the anthracite and champagne shades. Sorbet tones like coral and yellow enhance the fluorescent pops of color that are dispersed throughout the collection. Lime green footwear is very eye catching and complements the trends well.

The Bershka girl traces her roots to folk origins by matching retro-style urban wear with bleached denims. Ethnic influences in the form of ikat embroideries and Indian patterns are paired with metallic appliques. Vinyl and acrylic jewelry and bags are great accessories to enhance the geometric cuts. Transparent box type carry ons have foil-type finishes that give a mirror-like quality to the total look.

The Bershka girl relaxes with her Boho dresses that show off gradient pleating and lace relief but come party time she stands out with sequins and iridescent animal prints full of metallic and trinket appliques. The shoe collection amplifies last year’s biggest trends. Wedges, flat shoes, and high heels are laid on with spikes, studs and metal fixtures. The use of Napa leather, suede, and vinyl ensure long-lasting comfort.
bershkaBerska 20-Get ready for an exciting summer, as Bershka finally arriv19Mar2013 by Miguel Alomajan-horz-vert

Diversely Fresh
Denim influences all kinds of garments in Bershka Men’s Gentlementality line. Main items include baggy trousers that taper at the bottom, loose fitting trousers with a slim touch and comfortable garments mixed with modernized versions of classic pieces. Printed stripes and false plain shirts and T-shirts are popular.
Earth Lab, on the other hand, focuses on comfort with comfortable and fresh items created in linen and fabrics such as fine knits with a net effect. Tans and sandy tones are combined with camouflage prints and stonewashed denim.
bershka 2IMG_4097 by Miguel Alomajan 2013

bershka 2IMG_4096 by Miguel Alomajan 2013

bershka 2IMG_4099 by Miguel Alomajan 2013

bershka 2IMG_4101 by Miguel Alomajan 2013

bershka 2IMG_4100 by Miguel Alomajan 2013

bershka 2IMG_4102 by Miguel Alomajan 2013

For a more cosmopolitan look, the Night Buster line features new baggy sized T-shirts, jackets and jumpers as their key items. The Korean parka has also been reinvented with lighter fabrics ideal for summer nights.
Casual yet formal, the Dip & rise line features preppy styles where blue is the main color, and cotton chino pants and shorts are main items. Sorbet-dyed pieces are mixed with blue shades and overprints on polo shirts and T-shirts set the tone for this trend.

It’s going to be an exciting summer with the arrival of Bershka!
Visit them at Glorietta 2

Fashion Ate the Lawyer

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