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We Live Design: SoFA 2014 GRAD SHOW LOOKS

SoFA Grad Show 2014006

Erika Dela Cruz’s “Behind The Shadows”


Photography: Miguel Alomajan

Assisted by: Emerson Factor Leonor

Styling: SoFA Styling class headed by Levenson Rodriguez

Hair and Makeup artists: Arra Villanueva, Guilly Valenzuela and Leah Rous

Models: Igor Dreagla (IM), Johana Verbeeck, Ariane Espero (Julius Uy), and Zandra Sta. Maria, Kim Fernandez and Jana Stuntz  (Cal Carries)

Tatenda Sipula

Tatenda Sipula’s “Bespoke Gems”

SoFA Grad Show 2014005

Guia Alvendia’s “Khara Khorum”

SoFA Grad Show 2014003

Nikki Ku’s “Nonage”

SoFA Grad Show 2014014

Tanya Hyde’s “Sillage”

SoFA Grad Show 2014002

Mike Perez’s “Palpable Lesions”

Reese Lansangan

Reese Lansangan’s “Space and the Human Race”

SoFA Grad Show 2014015

Jessica Kairuz’s “The Team”

SoFA Grad Show 2014010

Pinky Magalona’s “Little Red Riding Hood”

Camille Go

Camille Go’s “Faded Glory”

SoFA Grad Show 2014009

Regina Raymundo’s “Journey”

SoFA Grad Show 2014011

Wanda Bandojo

Genesis Alcantara

Genesis Alcantara’s “Cyborg”

Genesis Alcantara

Genesis Alcantara’s “Cyborg”

SoFA Grad Show 2014001

Kurt Libre’s “Otaku’s Dream”

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Levenson Rodriguez Nescience Collection Look 12

What is the art of living, if not leaving in art per se? From every moment in every place and time, a good ensemble will make a difference. The visual language of the men’s dressing up in usual are so boring, and men’s fashion plain as it seem but very complicated and yet exciting.
Levenson Rodriguez Nescience Collection Look 7 Levenson Rodriguez Nescience Collection Look 6

Inspired  from everyone’s feeling burn out one way or another. When everything that comes your way doesn’t seems to make sense. When situations are just hard to explain- Levenson Rodriguez Nescience Collection is about standing out professionally and advancing in modernity.
Levenson Rodriguez Nescience Collection Look 8

“Men should go for printed tops and suits to stand out from the usual plain blues and greys of the world.  Standing out from the crowd gives one the upper hand in almost everything. “

Levenson Rodriguez Nescience Collection Look 5 Levenson Rodriguez Nescience Collection Look 4

“Building up a remarkable archive of a period in printed inner shirts of 3 women who defied life’s challenges. When the world doesn’t seem to agree with them they held their heads up high and are all now an icon/legend in their own right.”
Levenson Rodriguez Nescience Collection Look 1 Levenson Rodriguez Nescience Collection Look 13 Levenson Rodriguez Nescience Collection Look 10

“It takes a lot of confidence for one to wear a double breasted suit. But once he does then it only shows that he got the world in his hands. After all we roughly have 3 seconds to leave a lasting expression. Might as well make it worth the while. “ –Levenson Rodriguez

Fashion Ate The Lawyer


Photographer: Miguel Alomajan
Stylist: Jingx Cruz
Grooming: Mariz Dizon
Intern: Ehrran Montoya
Model: Matias Cobian

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FaDAL Christmas Soiree 2012: 12 Songs of Christmas

Fadal Christmas Soiree 2012

We survived doomsday!
On the 27th of December let’s celebrate with the leading Fashion designers group in the Philippines- FaDAL Manila as they launch another collaboration with the photographer Herson Nebaya, stylist Argie Salango and Make up Artist Gery Penaso- 12 Songs of Christmas

See you in your most fashionable looks.

Fashion Ate the Lawyer

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