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READY RETRO: Giordano’s S/S 2015


Prepare for a stylish retro-inspired summer with Giordano’s S/S 2015 collection

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Fashion runways all over the world are looking to the past for style inspirations; from the soft mellow palettes, to vintage vacation themes, modern retro revival is abuzz. For Spring Summer 2015, Giordano Philippines offers a classic spin to vintage luxe with its new campaign, Retro Summer.


Like a classy trip to 60’s Riviera, where casual chic is a timeless piece, Giordano’s new collection offers classic silhouettes like long sleeve shirts and shorts, in nature’s soft hues. Linen, the campaign’s key material offers breathability and comfort for the hot humid weather. Tees and polo in easy-to-wear fits are also available in mélange and slub fabrications to compliment linen and complete the vintage textured feel.


Staple polo such as the Frog polo, the Lion Badge polo and the Union Jack polo are still available in store as well as old time favorite’s basic crew neck tees, denim jeans, and chinos –all perfect for building a fail-proof capsule wardrobe.

Photographer Photographer

Giordano’s Retro Summer collection will be available February in all Giordano stores and outlets nationwide. For more information about the collection and all things Giordano, log in to http://www.facebook.com/GiordanoPhilippines.


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MELANCHOLIA: Kaye Morales Holiday 2014 Photo Story




I can only do what I know. I can only create from what I feel.

And when sadness has taken hold of your heart and floods it, the only way to escape the drowning is to express it. Expression is a way to breathe whilst submerged in the ebbs and flow of sorrow.

I realize that the only way to defeat sadness is to embrace it, to let it envelop your being. If you don’t want it to overwhelm, you have to befriend it. You must understand it and know it’s intricacies.

This is what I’ve come to know:

Sadness is black. It is what is left when all the other colors are muted. It is the shade of emptiness when reflection dies.

Sadness is a force and it comes in irregular insistent waves. It folds the fabric of your being into irregular shapes, pleated like a scar or crumpled like a wound. Sadness is both gentle and unrelenting; the texture is sometimes soothing, sometimes rough, but always on the edge of something desperate.

And when you have come to know sadness, it becomes pleasing. Sadness becomes a friend. It becomes alive. Thus, sadness becomes Melancholia. Sadness becomes beautiful.





10420326_10152738971461241_8278456497721755401_n 10410720_10152738970416241_1350375552751366407_n 10406927_10152738971721241_7314142054981225712_n 10368267_10152738968681241_5041299528641521475_n 10360217_10152738970326241_2821709230947130552_n 10358563_10152738972231241_7921776947029783003_n 1604931_10152738969616241_1897725222547005755_n 1551517_10152738971861241_4384534058594977010_n 923441_10152738969951241_2598069550412778980_n 16725_10152738972171241_5203536018721040179_n 16725_10152738969401241_5834550339796404526_n 16721_10152738968611241_7335100809872586229_n 10972_10152738970101241_1625720208502461965_n 10703635_10152738968201241_2011989860015137314_n 10703513_10152738967526241_1360432939540728773_n 10698665_10152738969351241_581366676675745105_n 10698427_10152738970836241_9023495152611151633_n 10689916_10152738968166241_5937884068944832641_n 10676389_10152738968606241_3710892102477927227_n 10671428_10152738971616241_5020364063974208755_n 10665995_10152738971271241_6147732775316364332_n 10660373_10152738969761241_3155537212387381321_n 10659340_10152738969891241_166815610818603718_n 10653699_10152738971546241_3033989188261354574_n 10649870_10152738969871241_6610054395727931665_n 10649868_10152738969206241_1648259248039746544_n 10649613_10152738969506241_8343158836815610983_n 10646982_10152738970731241_5761785577136646970_n 10636207_10152738969006241_6011485497279263670_n 10635905_10152738970881241_1430299481374315956_n 10635891_10152738968511241_1980896345454386842_n 10624984_10152738971946241_1859929208031467021_n 10624719_10152738968216241_3357288713328566852_n 10622814_10152738968876241_722837632311352535_n 10620684_10152738971016241_7803442344720158626_n 10616715_10152738972126241_8876287319535868682_n 10615373_10152738970671241_7683914991281003503_n 10606378_10152738972011241_242147487886905770_n 10606378_10152738971116241_5330036291401584268_n 10603205_10152738970766241_6584166777925266516_n 10600551_10152738968891241_6572045056280961254_n 10600461_10152738970336241_7214923462692439326_n 10552467_10152738969326241_6568012616744937910_n 10551064_10152738970991241_3665989447070223268_n 10534165_10152738969601241_4157856680406295677_n 10477012_10152738967486241_8824064690451046809_n 10471014_10152738971246241_7009618788944354691_n 10450377_10152738971206241_629410544580929413_n 10449183_10152738970141241_1496770495191673335_n 10421263_10152738966826241_8431390060351610982_n 10665370_10152738967166241_8822195901365114125_n 10645111_10152738972256241_7578464988792047869_n

FASHION by Kaye Morales
STYLING by Janno Styles
ASSISTED BY Ronan Espadero
MODELS ( ELITE MANILA ) Shao Trinidad I Dasha and Gustavo Krier
HEADPIECES BY Jake Tabudlo and Tony Evan




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Eddie Bauer 2014 Spring-Summer


Eddie Bauer offers a full range of styles that eleveate the performance and compliment the casual wardrobe of an outdoor adventurer. From classic outerwear and the legendary down jackets to casual denim, polo shirts and khakis, Eddie Bauer is a go to brand stylish casual outdoor wear.



You may visit Eddie Bauer at their newly opened store in SM Aura Premiere (2/L),  Eddie Bauer SM Megamall (Mega Fashion Hall 3/L) , R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, R.O.X. Ayala Cebu, R.O.X. Camp John Hay Baguio and R.O.X. Centrio Cagayan De Oro.

Live your adventure with Eddie Bauer.



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MMF SHOES and The MOST Talked About Shoe Buffet


Upcoming Ladies Lifestyle Brand Opens Stores in Manila

Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and New York. Four fashion capitals in one store. This is the concept of the upcoming ladies lifestyle shoe brand La Mode Moderne pour le Femmes or simply MMF. Inspired by styles from these cities, MMF brings global fashion into the local setting as it opens its first stores in Glorietta 2 (2/F) and Lucky Chinatown (3/F).



MMF (in English, modern fashion for women) is the brainchild of 23-year old Chauntia Chan. A shoe aficionado herself, Chauntia, inspired by her passion for shoes, travel and Carrie Bradshaw, has decided to realize her passion by introducing shoe collections for the woman who just can’t get enough of shoes.



“The MMF woman is a woman of the world,” says Chauntia. “She is always on-the-go, and accustomed to the fast-paced lifestyle. She is opinionated and not scared to express herself. She works hard and likes to reward herself by going out or shopping. She is updated and knows what’s hot and not. She is adventurous and not scared to try out new things. A true  shopaholic, she does not let her economic situation affect her passion for fashion.”



Chauntia positions the MMF brand as an emerging Asian brand. While shoe styles are inspired from these global cities, Chauntia utilizes materials from various Asian countries.

MMF regular items range from Php800 to Php2800++. The MMF experience would not be complete without bags and accessories which range from Php480 to PHp2800++. Mindful of total customer satisfaction, MMF stores also offer freshly brewed coffee to all visitors.

See  MFF Lookbook.



MMF’s “Private Collection,” which caters to a more discriminating clientele, will be launched during the 4th quarter of 2014. The Private Collection will feature progressive styles in limited quantities and made of genuine leather.

MFF Shoe Buffet001 Fashion Ate The Lawyer 2014 MFF Shoe Buffet004 Fashion Ate The Lawyer 2014 MFF Shoe Buffet006 Fashion Ate The Lawyer 2014 MFF Shoe Buffet007 Fashion Ate The Lawyer 2014 MFF Shoe Buffet008 Fashion Ate The Lawyer 2014 MFF Shoe Buffet011 Fashion Ate The Lawyer 2014 MFF Shoe Buffet005 Fashion Ate The Lawyer 2014

RJ Roque, Stephanie Retuya, Ryuji Shiomitsu, Shana Retuya and Rxandy Capinpin

RJ Roque, Stephanie Retuya, Ryuji Shiomitsu, Shana Retuya and Rxandy Capinpin

Roxanne Barcelo, Kevin Balot and Margaux

Roxanne Barcelo, Kevin Balot and Margaux

Isa and Ritz Azul

Isa and Ritz Azul

Roxanne and Nica

Roxanne and Nica

Stylist Patrick and Chynna Ortaleza

Stylist Patrick and Chynna Ortaleza

Isa Fabregas

Isa Fabregas

Blogger Sarah

Blogger Sarah

Apart from Glorietta and Lucky Chinatown, MMF will open its third branch in Ayala Fairview Terraces in March 2014.

MMF is officially launched in Manila with an exclusive “Shoe Buffet.” Invitees include fashion stylists, members of the press, bloggers, and personalities. The event is presented by C3 Events Place (official venue), Samsung Electronics Philippines, John Lozano, and JB
Bolanos of Bond Marketing Solutions.

For more information about MMF, you may contact:
Hazel de los Santos
One Originite Corp.
0917 620 4066 / 0925 703 2373

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CHIMERA jairus sumineg x hermitism 0122013

Jairus Sumineg FALL 2013
in Hermitism by Herminio Tan accessories

n:  a monster from Greek mythology that breathes fire and has a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a snake’s tail

PH: Miguel Alomajan
ST: Jernih Sagumay Agapito and Kelvin Palangdao
HMU: Philip Carlo Malala
FM: Ajie Espero at Forefront

When I first saw the collection of Jairus Sumineg from his past works till our first collaboration last 2012, I bet that this young designer from Baguio got really the eye for fashion, and with his talent he just need to be seen and be recognized.

Raw, Innovative and Avant garde, when I saw his latest collection Chimera, its so L-O-V-E. I’m so honored when he said that I will shoot Chimera.

Check out the looks of Baguio’s Top Designer Jairus Sumineg in Hermitism by Herminio Tan Accessories.
CHIMERA jairus sumineg x hermitism 0152013

CHIMERA jairus sumineg x hermitism 0162013

LOOK 1 Jairus Sumineg Fall2013

LOOK 2 Jairus Sumineg Fall2013

LOOK 3 Jairus Sumineg Fall2013

LOOK 4 Jairus Sumineg Fall2013

LOOK 5 Jairus Sumineg Fall2013

LOOK 6 Jairus Sumineg Fall2013

LOOK 7 Jairus Sumineg Fall2013

LOOK 8 Jairus Sumineg Fall2013


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Model Alisa Sazonova and Italo Laurenthie

Model Alisa Sazonova and Italo Laurenthie

Video: Miguel Alomajan
2nd Camera: Rayn Rivera

Photographer: Darrel Pobre
MUA: Anton Patdu for Mac Cosmetics
Hair: Elaine DCS

Here’s the Debauchery Teaser:


A graduate of SOFA (School of Fashion and the Arts) with a background of production design as well as interior design from DLSU-CSB, fashion designer Kaye Morales has found a style that intertwines opposing designs with utmost taste – urban street wear with class, punk with sophistication and elegance with a wild streak. Fully expressing this fusion of creativity in her prêt-à-porter line, “Schizo” located at Makati’s shopping district, the Ramp in Glorietta, she also shows versatility in her very own made-to-order line stamped with her name. From cocktail chic to formal coats, Kaye’s signature of geometric patterns and shapes is distinct and her avant-garde touch is unmistakable.

Featured in fashion authority media such as Mega, Preview, Cosmopolitan, Sense & Style, Stylebible and major broadsheets Philippine Daily Inquirer and Manila Bulletin’s Style Weekend, Kaye has staged several fashion shows and has been a contestant in notable fashion competitions, like ETC’s Generation M: The Mega Young Designers Competition 2011, the Triumph Fashion Show and the Bravo Britannia fashion show. Kaye has also participated in prestigious fashion exhibits such as “Rags to Riches” at Greenbelt 5, which has pushed her name further in the realm of couture.

Kaye’s mark of craftsmanship has made her the ultimate choice of big Filipino celebrities. Currently furthering her studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. , this lady’s inexhaustible zest to delve into the arts has also lead her to finish a foundation of makeup course in the Makeup Academy in London. With that said, one can only be certain that Kaye’s passion seamlessly flows into her daring designs. Without a doubt, great design is the only thing to be found at Kaye Morales’ atelier on 8862 Madrid Building, Sampaloc St., San Antonio Village, Makati and a promise that you get nothing less than a big fashion statement with an extra edge.

Catch her new offerings for Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2014
Collection KM || Kaye Morales.

September 21, 2013
Chinese Cultural Centre at 50 East Pender Street, Vancouver Canada.
and visit http://kayemorales.com/

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“I grew up knowing that [being in fashion] was the dream. That time, we didn’t have so many resources. We didn’t know so much about fashion. We had two publications that I read vigorously. The idea of fashion for me was all about designing. I didn’t know that it can be such a broad thing. There are so many parts of this business that are fashion-related, and you don’t necessarily need to be a designer to do that.”



“I was very lucky that I was able to go to America to study. I just graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I found various internships in different fields. One of those happened to be with Marc Jacobs when he was designing for Perry Ellis. I wasn’t even the assistant! I was the intern in the closet who checked garment bags.

“…that’s how everything started for me, I was so passionate about it… “

“When somebody ask me what was the thing that you defy it the most, It wasnt anything, I just want to breathe the air of fashion, i was just happy being there that’s how passionate, that’s how determined [I am], there is no other place for me, this is my goal.”



“Stay very focus, know what is the women you want to focus , be very distinctive, you have to have a very disctictive point of view, know yourself, be unique, be authentic to yourself, i see very often other designers trying to imitate other designers or admire or admiration, i say this to students, to editors, to anybody it’s about being yourself, it’s about being unique,it’s about being your own”


“..you call. You send me your lookbook. You find out what the email address is. You look in the magazine, you look at the masthead. Who are the market editors? You send them a letter. You send them an email. You follow up with the call. You will get someone to look at your designs, I promise. Because you know what? Here’s the job of an editor: The job of an editor is to find new talent. We’re always looking for new faces. It gives us pleasure when we find one thing we haven’t seen which is going to move us.”

Once one editor discover a good designer, it is not a secret it will pass on to other editors, to the other publisher, and everyone who want to see it.


“I remember when John Galliano and Alexander McQueen first started showing. Alexander had a very small apartment in Paris. Very powerful designer, who is creating very beautiful clothes. All the editors went to his apartment and saw five to six pieces. They were extraordinary. And I remember saying, “Wow! He’s going to be amazing. I also remember reading Zac Posen’s lookbook. He was so young. He showed us four to five pieces on a mannequin in his mother’s home. That’s where we first saw him.”


“Once you graduate, do an internship. Try it out! You have to experiment and see what you like. This is a phenomenal way to network, and also to figure out what you want to do.”


You have to have a dream, and you have to believe in yourself, you have to be persistent,
You have to be prepared.



“It is competitive.”
“Thereis no right or wrong in fashion”
“The energy because your working, its the enery and the dream that you can make it, its the dream that you can feel, you can really work hard and be recognized…”


“Bloggers have made it, competition is good, I appreciate what they do I read it, i follow them…”

“I like the bloggers. They give editors a little run for their money. But as editors, we offer a different kind of service. When I put together a magazine, I am putting together a magazine for different women for many different ages that have very different needs. The bloggers have a very personal point of view. Most of them are centered on themselves. I love the competition that the industry is changing so much, changing everyhting…”


Style has nothing to do with beauty, style is a very authentic point of view, they are never followers,


“People think fashion is [just about the] surface. It’s not. It’s a serious business. It’s a billion-dollar business that gives jobs to many, many people. It’s a very important industry in our country.”

As like Nina and other big names in fashion, they started small as an intern but that doesn’t made them less of a person but the person they wanted and dreamed to be.

It’s like climbing , climb slowly until you reach success as pressure make diamonds and when you climb faster and carelessly, the faster you fall.

It is indeed one inspiring night with Nina Garcia. Hope this will help in pushing dreams and achieving it.


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Ferri Ferra Futura

I really admire Ferri Ferra’s Futura Lookbook.
These are inspired by Giacomo Balla paintings.

I love the silhouette and the structure plus the color pallet.
and most of all I love the whole look from hair to foot. Pulled it off more with the orange hair model.


było 12

było 10

było 9

było 8




Kopia (2) było2

Kopia było4

Kopia było15

Ferri Ferra Labels

Ferri Ferra Labels


More of her exciting looks at her facebook page like and share:

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Behind-the-Scene: Shandii J Lookbook feat. JC Go

We invade the closet of the director Shandii Bacolod aka Shandii J.
His collections of Jeremy Scott’s shoes and Jermy Scott’s collaboration with Adidas are the highlight, with his hilarious garments and brands from all over Asia such as Hongkong, Thailand etc.

Thank you so much JC Go, Supermodel Phils. 2012 finalist, for being a wonderful model for the lookbook. It was such an honor.
and to my fab team Jomah Chu who does the grooming and Jinx Cruz for the styling.

Together we came out with a funny, wacky shoot.
I’ll upload the rest of the photos soon. :))

Shoes mainly from Jeremy Scott

Shoes mainly from Jeremy Scott

Ahhhhh so behave Gucci (Shandii's Dog)

Ahhhhh so behave Gucci (Shandii’s Dog)

Jomah Chu prep for the Grooming.

Jomah Chu prep for the Grooming.

Soooo BLUE! JC Go Rocks it!

Soooo BLUE! JC Go Rocks it!

Jinx does the styling magic

Jinx does the styling magic

Shandii and Jinx puts the Poison Ivy Shoes of Joco Comendador.

Shandii and Jinx puts the Poison Ivy Shoes of Joco Comendador.

JC and Shandii

JC and Shandii

Shandii, JC, Jomah and Jinx

Shandii, JC, Jomah and Jinx

we are sooooo KPOP!

we are sooooo KPOP!

oh yeah since im blogging Gala Mags every issue, here's the Dec-Jan2013 issue, Vice Ganda on the cover.

oh yeah since im blogging Gala Mags every issue, here’s the Dec-Jan2013 issue, Vice Ganda on the cover.


Of course! the blue and the red hair! STUNNING!

Of course! the blue and the red hair! STUNNING!

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