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Of Sophistication: TIÑO Suits and Barongs

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Each TIÑO product is sartorial, which means the master tailor himself works on the entire construction of a product to make it a single, unique piece specially honed for the individual customer. Every detail – pattern, stitching, finishing and pressing – is carefully done through traditional sartorial methods.


They create products with distinguishing qualities of a well-made piece. For instance, a well-made suit can be defined as fine because of its details which are usually done by hand. The presence of these details is an indicator of quality and style. Generally, the more handwork that goes into a suit, the finer and more exclusive it will be. With TIÑO, the pieces of a suit are stitched by hand so that the cloth tends to shape itself to the body.

Lucas Raven,  TIÑO Brand Ambassador

Lucas Raven, TIÑO Brand Ambassador

Tino x Lucas Raven22013 Tino x Lucas Raven12013

For more than a decade, TIÑO continues its commitment to better understand and interpret personal requirements and expectations of their sophisticated clients, which involve everyday lifestyle, aesthetics, and sense of style. It is their pursuit to make quality suits and barongs that will fit its models. It is their dedication to identify with different body types and their peculiarities, so that each and every suit, shirt or barong they make fits perfectly and entirely personalized.


Fashion Ate The Lawyer

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