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Topman and Topshop Opens Its Biggest Store!

topman topshop in rob magnoliaIMG_5752 by Miguel Alomajan


Famed high street UK fashion labels have a new, stylish home in QC with the opening of Topshop and Topman at the Upper Ground Level of Robinsons Magnolia.

The fashion-savy set can now take their pick and fill their closets with the latest trends from the widely popular UK brands as it launches its biggest and newest flagship store.

topman topshop in rob magnoliaIMG_5756 by Miguel Alomajan

Palm Spring-Inspired Pieces

True to form, Topshop carries of-the-moment collection inspired by the Palm Springs Trent.

Check out a vibrant melange of summer style stirred by everything copper, tan and sand in luxe fabrics splashed with tropical prints on lightweight cotton shirts and shorts, tailored khakis and jackets.

topman topshop in rob magnoliaIMG_5767 by Miguel Alomajan

Festival Collection

Music serves as a muse to some trends. This has taken Topshop’s collection to a different stage here everything hip, rock and festive take the limelight. Hippy-chic embroidered jeans, fringe kimonos and 90s-fuelled mesh and denim are the key pieces for the ultimate festival look.

Festival look is all about hologram designs and a host of pattern over pattern in shirts, shorts, bags and even on socks. Woodstock-style maxi dresses rage in with neon tanks, overalls and fedoras.

While tropical and floral patterns still remain the print-to-beat, Topshop puts a hip flavor to festival-inspired ensemble to mirror the effervescence and the unexpected— from the energetic and rebellious to redefined and restrained

topman topshop in rob magnoliaIMG_5763 by Miguel Alomajan

topman topshop in rob magnoliaIMG_5762 by Miguel Alomajan

Modern Knight- Soft and Modern

A new take on modern soft dressing ti evident in Topshop’s Modern Knight trend. Cut-outs and strapping are the key details for dresses, underwear and sandals. Also highlighted are mash paneling and body contouring.

topman topshop in rob magnoliaIMG_5761 by Miguel Alomajan

Topman’s Generation Urban

Topman relives the 90’s urban style in a collection that inspires a new generation of sportswear styling combined with a strong streetwear attitude wherein a relaxed silhouette is key to the style. Jogger shapes, varsity tees and sweat shirts in red, white and blue make up an authentic sportswear statement.

topman topshop in rob magnoliaIMG_5760 by Miguel Alomajan

topman topshop in rob magnoliaIMG_5757 by Miguel Alomajan

Robbie, L.a. and Randz

Robbie, L.a. and Randz

Visit Topshop and Topman’s newest store at Robinsons Magnolia and get the latest styles perfect for your lifestyle.

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Fashion Ate The Lawyer

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Lacoste LIVE! SS2013 Launch

Since 1933, LACOSTE has been the most beloved crocodile, outfitting generations of tennis athletes, prep boys and country-club girls. The brand has been singularly responsible for skyrocketing the preppy trend during the 80’s, filling the world with pastel pique shirts, sweaters, and chinos, and ever since then, LACOSTE has been a household name. But now that the brand is 80 years old, LACOSTE decides to live on the edge, with the younger, hipper, and so much cooler, LACOSTE L!VE.

And because we have it now in New Glorietta! Its time for a celebration!

Lacoste L!VE 22Mar 2013

before the show we just have a little cocktail with these little burgers and many more overflowing foods and drinks.

before the show we just have a little cocktail with these little burgers and many more overflowing foods and drinks.

with my fellow bloggers David, Lissa and Seph with PR Cher

with my fellow bloggers David, Lissa and Seph with PR Cher

with my fellow blogger friends Vince, Marga, Shen and Carvey

with my fellow blogger friends Vince, Marga, Shen and Carvey

L.a's look like one of them! Soooooo pretty ;)

L.a’s look like one of them! Soooooo pretty 😉

Juan, Austeen, JP and his Mom

Juan, Austeen, JP and his Mom

Mega guys

Mega guys

there's the Xbox dance booth

there’s the Xbox dance booth

Lacoste L!VE 21Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 17Mar 2013

OH GUSSSSH! This looks simple but IM SORRY NO ONE WON HERE! hahaha

OH GUSSSSH! This looks simple but IM SORRY NO ONE WON HERE! hahaha

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Lacoste L!VE 14Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 13Mar 2013

The press kits

The press kits

Its Spring Summer 2013 collection mixes the florals of the wild, untamed beaches, and off-the-radar destinations for a look that is well into the underground yet brimming with the energy of the now.

Its Spring Summer 2013 Women’s Collection is divided into three categories: Acid Coral, Wild Flowers, and La Piscine. With acid washed denims paired with the hues of the psychedelic sunset, Acid Coral presents summer essentials like white bikinis, low-cut cotton tees, hot pants and tube dresses, in color-ways that are a trip in its own.

The Men’s Spring Summer 2013 LACOSTE L!VE Collection remixes the old-school with the futuristic for a rocking collection built on wanderlust and hedonism—for really bad boys with really good style! LACOSTE L!VE’s Sabali Collection takes the men to Africa where ochres, rusts, oranges, and reds collide with geometric tribal prints for a collection grounded by an excellently-tailored khaki bomber.

Lacoste L!VE 59Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 57Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 56Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 55Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 54Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 53Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 52Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 51Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 50Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 49Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 48Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 47Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 46Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 45Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 44Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 43Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 42Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 41Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 40Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 39Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 38Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 37Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 36Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 35Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 34Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 33Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 32Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 31Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 30Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 29Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 28Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 60Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 62Mar 2013

With our friends from Azkals

With our friends from Azkals

Lacoste L!VE 04Mar 2013 Lainara, Kevin, Josh and Brian [/caption]

Lacoste L!VE 03Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 05Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 06Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 07Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 02Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 01Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 09Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 10Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 11Mar 2013

Lacoste L!VE 61Mar 2013

Oh, to grow up to be young again, LACOSTE L!VE shows us how to live in the now—not minding the mix or the match, the clash or the complements of colors and inspirations, nothing too serious and oftentimes a tad too playful—because, after all, clothes are made for us to enjoy, and fashion is all about having fun!

Fashion Ate The Lawyer

In the Philippines, Lacoste L!ve is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and is located at New Glorietta & Rustan’s Tower Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

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