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The contestants of Diageo Philippines World Class 2016 with Tim Etherington-Judge and Diageo Reserve Philippines Luxury Manager Mari Ona

Diageo Reserve Philippines opens world’s most renowned bartending program and competition for 21 Bartender of the Year hopefuls

Philippines, 9 February 2016 – Sago pearls, soy milk, hazelnut liqueur, and a shot of one of the world’s finest vodkas—these are the elements that compose a new take on a local street favorite, taho.

The taho cocktail, along with new interpretations of Filipino staples such as samalamig, is a new creation designed by Filipino bartenders trained under the banner of Diageo Reserve World Class, the cocktail industry’s most renowned and respected mixology competition worldwide. The creation of these new craft cocktails stands as testament to the skill, craftsmanship, and creativity of the Philippines’ new bartending industry. With such talent, the country is on the brink of making a dent in the world stage.



Binibining Paloma by Rian Assidao

After a landmark performance from the Philippines in the last year, Diageo Reserve World Class is back to usher in a new era for the country and its bartending community, dubbed Manila’s Golden Age of Cocktails.


Taho-Taho by Rian Asiddao

This new golden age is set to take off after the growth that the local bartending community has experienced since the World Class program was introduced to the country in 2013. With more craft cocktail establishments surfacing all over the metro and with bartenders gaining more exposure and experience, the Philippines has been identified as a contender in the global craft cocktail community. This was made evident through the country’s first challenge win by 2015 Bartender of the Year Kenneth Bandivas in the Diageo Reserve Global Finals in Cape Town, South Africa.


Bullet Bourbon

Bandivas, along with past year’s local winners Yoma Rivera and AK Roxas, displayed their craftsmanship, skill, and creativity as honed by the World Class program through Manila-themed craft cocktails patterned after local street favorites such as taho and samalamig served at the launch of Diageo Reserve World Class 2016, held last February 9 under the roof of Whitespace Manila.


Bulleit Global Ambassador Tim Etherington-Judge

At the event, top personalities from Manila’s culinary, art, fashion, business, and entertainment scenes all gathered to welcome this new era for Philippine bartending, spearheaded by Diageo Reserve World Class.

A space that was transformed into a living time capsule that housed the sights, sounds, and flavors of Manila’s past and present aptly welcomed the emergence of Manila’s Golden Age of Cocktails—against the backdrop of the beloved city’s most iconic bits and pieces of history in art, film, music, architecture, and fashion.




Yoma Rivera with The Singleton of Glen Ord



Raymond Gutierrez & Sambie Rodriguez


Guests bore witness to the unfolding of what is expected to be an exciting year for the country’s new roster of bartenders from the country’s finest bartending establishments, who will be stepping up to the plate to compete for a chance to represent the country at this year’s Global Final Competition in Miami, Florida. These bartenders were formally presented that evening, namely:

  1. Aldrin Ivan Ancheta from The Curator
  2. Clayton Paul Munar from Buddha Bar
  3. Ian Osillo from The Exit
  4. Sean Carlo de Vera from Mandalay
  5. Lester Jones Egurrola Ligon from ABV
  6. Kenneth Lloyd Misagal from ABV
  7. James Ortiz from Raffles Long Bar
  8. Byron Damatan Mayo from Las Flores
  9. Michael Tubiera from Rambla
  10. Jason Hussien Ali from Niner Ichi Nana
  11. Christopher Antonio from M Café
  12. Ichiro Nagasawa from Sage, Shangri-la Makati
  13. Christopher Bayon from Revel
  14. Alvin Delos Reyes from Hooch
  15. Cedric Petrasanta Cello from Smith Butcher and Grill Room
  16. Guillermo Natividad III from Solaire Resort and Casino
  17. Jesus Emmanuel Salvador Saludo from Solaire Resort and Casino
  18. Reymart Nolasco Dela Cruz from City of Dreams
  19. Nino Jayson Cruz from City of Dreams
  20. Mark Quilaton from Sofitel
  21. Mike Ople from Desiderata Lounge



In the next few months, these bartenders will be competing in a series of qualifying heats and finals to determine which among these 21 representatives will be going on to compete in the Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year Finals in Miami, Florida, where the world’s best bartenders will pit their skills, impeccable techniques, and knowledge against each other in front of the cognoscenti of the global bartending industry.

“The growth that we have been seeing over the past 3 years in the craft cocktail and bartending industry has been a pleasant surprise,” shares Marie Ona, Diageo Reserve Philippines Luxury Manager. “Year on year, the Philippines seems to be bringing more to the table in approaching the competition. We have been seeing real talent within the industry, and that talent is being further honed and supported—making the Philippines a force to be reckoned with approaching the future of fine drinking experiences. We’re excited to shine the spotlight on these talented men and women to show the world what the Filipino bartender has to offer.”

Diageo Reserve also flew in Bulleit Global Ambassador Tim Etherington-Judge, who conducted special mentoring sessions during the launch event. In his welcome remarks, Judge shared that certain Filipino sensibilities have indeed primed this year’s roster of contenders for the upcoming competition. “In my time here so far, I’ve noticed a different sense of care from these Filipino bartenders. What they’ve said about Filipino hospitality being of an entirely different level is true. That service I’ve received so far contributes a great deal to each bartender’s performance. On top of creativity and precision, good service is the backbone of good bartending,” shared Etherington-Judge. “The upcoming competition will put all that to the test, and it’s entirely up to these 21 representatives how they’re going to show the rest of the world what the Philippines has showed me.”


Now on its 8th year globally, World Class continues to elevate the craft, innovation, and creativity within the cocktail industry. “World Class helps build careers in the industry and has been instrumental in changing the lives of the next generation of bartending talent.”



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Unleash Your Creativity with Tic Tac Design Your Pack

Tic Tac DYP

Unleash your creativity to the world with your own version of the Tic Tac pack. Be a Tic Tac pack designer just like Camille Co and Chino Lui Pio. Get inspired by their creations and start designing your own for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Melbourne, Australia, an iPad Mini or a Diana F+ Camera.

From the signature rattle and flip top flap sound, to feeling the small, oval pellets on your tongue, and the unique crunch to those who can’t help but bite into it, enjoying Tic Tac is an awesome sensual experience. Now you can add your own personal touch of visual elements to the sensorial indulgence.

So whether it’s about unleashing your feminine style ala Camille Co or splashing colors the Chino Lui Pio way, you have all the freedom to make the Tic Tac pack your own.

Tic Tac Pack - Chino Lui PioTic Tac Pack - Camille Co

What are you waiting for? Begin expressing yourself in a multitude of colors and textures at www.designyourpack.com/ph. Take your ideas into the visual smorgasbord that is your entry – by using the Tic Tac design app as your canvas, or by downloading the template and going freestyle.

Camille Co

Camille Co

Chino Lui Pio

Chino Lui Pio

With Tic Tac, imagination has no limits. So make the most out of the Tic Tac pack and show your friends the best way to enjoy it – with a glimpse of your inspiration, favorite items and all things fun under the sun.

Log on to http://designyourpack.com/ with your Facebook account. An email address and contact number through mobile is required to register. Contest runs from 19 Jan 2015 to 16 Mar 2015 (submission period: 19 Jan – 1 Mar, voting period: 3 Mar – 16 Mar)


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She’s So JAG

Bb. Pilipinas 2014 candidates (nos. 1-20) at the JAG Boutique in Glorietta 2

Bb. Pilipinas 2014 candidates (nos. 1-20) at the JAG Boutique in Glorietta 2

Beauty queens show off their Filipina curves in JAG jeans

Shoppers and mall spectators recently had a surprise treat when 40 statuesque and totally stunning candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2014 flocked to the Glorietta Mall for a refreshing afternoon of fun and shopping for sexy jeans.


The mall event was a treat from JAG Jeans, which has been supporting Bb. Pilipinas for two years and now serves as a gold sponsor of the pageant. Wearing fashion staple white tees with Bb. Pilipinas logo paired with sexy skinny JAG jeans, the candidates eagerly scoured the JAG boutique in Glorietta 2 for the perfect pieces to flaunt their curves.


Bb. Pilipinas 2014 candidates at the JAG Boutique in Glorietta 2

Bb. Pilipinas 2014 candidates at the JAG Boutique in Glorietta 2

After the shopping spree, an impromptu Q&Aportion happened inside the flagship store as the girls gamely answered questions thrown at them by the media. Pageant contestants turned the store into a mini fashion show ramp by showing off their curves in their newly scored jeans paired with tops. Most of them revealed that they have been looking forward to the event and have been listing their JAG must-haves in advance.


Not only did JAG provide an enjoyable experience for the binibinis, it also highlighted the enviable Filipina bods. Looking at how the jeans fit their figures, everyone could tell that JAG is really made for the Filipina curves, which deserve international acclamation. With shopped items in hand, they exited the store, waved for the cameras and chorused, “Thank you, JAG!”


Bb. Pilipinas 2014 candidate checking out the JAG All Access Facebook page at the JAG Boutique in Glorietta 2

Bb. Pilipinas 2014 candidate checking out the JAG All Access Facebook page at the JAG Boutique in Glorietta 2

The candidates also invited their fans to vote them for the She’s So JAG Award 2014, an online contest on JAG Jeans Facebook page. Fans have a big influence in determining the She’s So JAG Award 2014 winner through the online voting process which counts as 50% of the score. The other 50% of the score will be based on Jag Creative Team judging results. Judging will be determined on the basis of who best exemplifies the JAG image selected from the Top 10 candidates with the most ‘likes’. The She’s So JAG Award 2014 winner will receive Php50,000 plus a year supply of JAG merchandise. While one lucky fan will receive two VIP tickets to the Bb. Pilipinas Coronation Night plus an iPhone 5.


Voting station inside the JAG Boutique in Glorietta 2

Voting station inside the JAG Boutique in Glorietta 2

The She’s So JAG Award 2014 is just a teaser of things to come for JAG, the denim brand befitting crowned beauties.

Excited for the results? Please  go to http://www.facebook.com/jagjeans for more exciting updates.



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Valor Chocolates: Behind The Pleasure

Valor Chocolate 1379207_10202135930501057_674565434_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Over 130 years of passion for chocolate and a voyage of over 12,000 miles to select three of the best cacaos in the world… that is the secret hiding behind the boundless pleasure experienced upon tasting a piece of Valor Chocolates. Pure chocolate, chocolate with Mediterranean Marcona almonds, hot chocolate, chocolate mousse, handmade and signature bonbons… Valor Chocolates’ palette of flavors is immense. This international brand, present in over 50 countries, makes all its bars in its facilities in Villajoyosa, Spain.

The result: the leading Spanish brand in the chocolate industry, producing over 13 million tons of sweets each year. That’s tons of pleasure!

Valor Chocolate 537770_10202136025623435_1749514655_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Valor Chocolates’ history is defined by a passion for a single product: the best chocolate. Behind this passion, we find a family of master chocolatiers who set up factory in 1881 led by Valeriano López Lloret, founder of the brand. He gave a name and personality to what has become the leading Spanish company in the chocolate industry and whose prestige has extended far beyond its borders.

Valor Chocolate 558924_10202135929301027_1544694352_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Currently, the brand continues to manufacture its entire “From Bean to Bar” range from its production plant in Villajoyosa, Spain. With over 235,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities, this factory produces 13 million tons of sweets each year. Bars and chocolate bonbons are exported to more than 50 countries, thanks to Valor Chocolates’ internationalization policy. This includes a major subsidiary in the United States, Valor Chocolates USA, Inc., that has been in existence for over a decade and is responsible for distributing its products throughout the Americas.

Valor Chocolate Negro

Valor Chocolate Negro

The Innovation Behind the Pleasure…

The pleasure that lies in each bite of Valor Chocolates is achieved, in part, by its commitment to innovation, one of the company’s fundamental pillars. Innovation that unites with tradition to amaze the most discerning palates. This year the brand has presented its new range of sugar-free bars, which are now sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener derived from a plant originating in South America that is 15 times sweeter than sugar.

The sugar-free bars come in a broad range that is ideal for chocolate lovers who are watching their figures or need to control their sugar intake. They retain all the flavor and pleasure of the brand’s chocolate—without the sugar. They also come in an unbelievable array of sugar-free offerings: Dark; 70% Dark; Dark with Whole Marcona Almonds; Dark with Whole Hazelnuts; Dark with Chocolate Mousse Truffle; Milk Chocolate; Milk Chocolate with Whole Marcona Almonds; Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts; Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Truffle Filling. They’re all amazing!

Valor Chocolate 1378267_10202136022623360_558218380_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Another significant innovation is the brand’s exclusive Philippine launch of Valor Hazelnut Spread that comes in regular and sugar free variants. It is made with 13% hazelnuts and its sugar free variant is a delectable treat to diabetics or on a diet.

Valor Chocolate 1373960_10202135941981344_906481575_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Valor has a wide range of portfolio that are still to come to the Philippine market. It recently created the Dessert Range, keeping in mind all those who love to prepare professional desserts at home, providing the best products to achieve recipe perfection.

Another significant innovation is the brand’s special attention to food intolerances and its broad range of gluten-free products. Its Lactose-Free Milk Chocolate Bars with the same milk chocolate goodness is ideal for those who are lactose-intolerant. The impressive Professional Range of Valor Chocolates—a large portfolio of products made using the best selection of the brand’s cacaos and chocolates, targeting connoisseurs of the confectionary world, a market with the highest standards made up of confectioners, pastry chefs and chefs, among others.

Valor Chocolate 1380874_10202135941901342_969999306_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Cake made by Valor Chocolates

Cake made by Valor Chocolates

Valor Chocolate 1383725_10202136002822865_1587938184_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Valor Owners Luis and Gonzalo

Valor Owners Luis and Gonzalo

Valor Chocolate 1382250_10202136020863316_2137646164_n fashionAtetheLawyer

The brand has just been introduced to the Philippine market and it is receiving favorable feedback from consumers.

And its a perfect everyday treat for us chocolate lovers! Also, if you’re looking for a perfect gift to anyone whether of any age- Valor is the one.

Discover the pleasure behind Valor chocolates is just within reach from leading retailers nationwide.

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Giordano Philippines Opens First Korean-Inspired Store

GIORDANO_26029( 25925)

Giordano opens its first Korean-themed store in the Philippines, marking the first wave of K-Fashion choices in Giordano Philippines shores.

Located in Shoppesville, Greenhills, a prime spot for lovers of fashion, the new store carries items from Giordano Hong Kong and now, Korea.


The first collection from Korea will feature an assortment of cotton-blend pique polos for men and muted solid cotton tops in premium slub and polyester-blend fabrics for women.

The second wave of Korean style pieces is slated to arrive in Giordano Philippines stores nationwide this October.

GIORDANO_26879 copy copy



Alongside the store’s launch, Giordano will introduce its sister brand, BSX or Beyond Style Exchange. BSX offers American street casual wear for the young and trendy fashion innovators. The brand is known for interpreting the hottest styles in a refined fashion and offering them at reasonable prices. Characterized by bright colors, layers and over-all functionality, BSX is all about relaxed fun.

Giordano Concept Store Launch1371264_10202133080749815_1921000244_n fashionAtetheLawyer

BSX’s first offering will be a collection of colorful pique polos and tees. Tees in solid colors, stripes and raglan sleeves will hit the store racks together with an array of colorful shorts for young men and women to make the perfect pairing.

The introduction of the new Giordano store also presents its newest celebrity endorsers- Korean actors So Ji-Sub and Shin Min Ah of “What Happened in Bali” and “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” fame, respectively.

Giordano Concept Store Launch861874_10202133080629812_1800342577_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Playball collection

With sports season on a full swing in the country, Giordano pays tribute with its Playball campaign – a colorful take to sporty fashion. The collection showcases varsity-inspired pieces and features relaxed knit separates as well.

Key items for men include the baseball tee which features raglan sleeves and super-soft jersey. Henley details, stripes that are reminiscent of baseball uniforms and heather yarns add an authentic element, while cotton/poly blends contribute to the soft, vintage-y vibe.

Giordano Concept Store Launch967573_10202133094550160_1816966423_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Giordano Concept Store Launch992542_10202133072389606_256119612_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Giordano Concept Store Launch1370410_10202133080709814_968518803_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Giordano Concept Store Launch1371387_10202133080789816_1977909608_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Giordano Concept Store Launch1371536_10202133080669813_1477798641_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Giordano Concept Store Launch1372840_10202133080589811_459453948_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Giordano Concept Store Launch1373497_10202133094630162_1877957342_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Giordano Concept Store Launch1384969_10202133094510159_1676152225_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Giordano Concept Store Launch1388764_10202133094470158_117710484_n fashionAtetheLawyer

Of course, no varsity-inspired collection will be complete without the college varsity jacket available for men and women. Chic sweatshirts in muted, pastel colors are also available.

Colored shorts made of cotton twill can pull together both a laidback and smart casual look. The Korean fit Bermuda shorts are available for men and women.

The Playball Collection is available in all Giordano stores nationwide starting October 4.

And catch them as they go to the runways of Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014, 6:30 PM at The MoA Main Atrium. 


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Anne Curtis on E! News Asia Special

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis


The First Filipina to get a dedicated show on E! Asia
E!, the global destination for the pop of culture, threw a party to celebrate the Asia premiere of E! News Asia Special: Anne Curtis on September 29 at 7.30pm, a full-blown biographical feature on the Philippines’ National Sweetheart.


Held at clubbing hotspot The HyvE, the E! party provided guests with a sneak peek of Anne’s special on E!. Her friends in the entertainment industry, executives from advertising and marketing, as well as Curtis’ family and closest friends assembled to support this milestone for the multi-awarded actress, host and singer.

Curtis is the the first Filipina celebrity to have a dedicated special on E! Asia, the global entertainment brand which has showcased Hollywood’s hottest like Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera to the British royal family.

with Arra, Carvey and Carlo

with Arra, Carvey and Carlo

The E! News Asia Special will premiere on September 29 at 7.30 pm on SkyCable Channel 57, Cignal Channel 25 and Cablelink Channel 33. Repeats will be on October 7 at 9 pm, October 13 at 6:30 pm and October 27 at 6 pm.

Show your support with #ESpecialAnneCurtis

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