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Be The Ultimate Wrangler Sun Chaser!



Wrangler invites you to chase the sun and get rewarded every week!

 (Manila, Philippines)  You’re invited to embark on a journey with Wrangler – from the highest peaks to the freshest waters – it doesn’t really matter where you go, as long as you answer the call of the open road and live life under the sun.


Welcome to the “Wrangler Sun Chaser Challenge”, a month long event that aims to bring out your adventurous spirit, urge you to leave all daily banalities behind and chase new horizons. Live across 9countries in the Asia Pacific region, from April 14 – May 11, this is a true regional hunt for the ultimate adventurer among our dedicated Wrangler fans.

Every week, we are challenging you to conquer new territory and share your adventures on our Instagram hashtag #WranglerSunChaser.

Every challenge is closely linked to Wrangler’s core product propositions – our 7 Icons heritage which was built for the rider, makes every piece of Wrangler attire what it is today; the Denim Spa series that pampers the girl on the go; Keep Cool with COOLMAX® technology to keep you fresh under the hot sweltering summer sun. Each product was engineered to support you on the open road, so we’re challenging you to explore and be creative.


The best part is Wrangler will reward the week’s best adventurer with Php 8,000 worth of cash vouchers, and one lucky winner will bag the regional finale prize: a 5-day trip to a destination of your choice. The ultimate adventure!


“It’s important for us to keep building the Wrangler Open Road brand position. The Sun Chaser Challenge is an activation to with engage consumers across geographies around the same core messaging of freedom & Adventure”, said Puneet Khosla, Brand Director APAC. –

“Our products are engineered to empower open road adventurers, so it makes sense for us to encourage more people to leave daily banalities behind and explore new horizons. It’s in our brand DNA”, Marty Tio, Wrangler Philippines VP Marketing, added.

The campaign will go live on http://www.WranglerSunChaser.com and across Facebook (facebook.com/WranglerPH) and Instagram (instagram.com/WranglerPH) – follow us to keep up with the latest Sun Chaser challenges.


Let’s chase the sun together!


Fashion Ate The Lawyer

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General x Mini Cooper NOT NORMAL Campaign

General x Mini CooperIMG_4120 fashionAtetheLawyer

Taking a Detour

By habit of idealization, a man is appreciated only in his extremes: once at the peak of youth, jocular and full of pep, and once more in his silver years, reverential and wise. But what occurs between these hallmarks— the long and winding transit years– gives us a ture-to-life perspective of the versatility that makes the General man.

General x Mini CooperIMG_4159 fashionAtetheLawyer

Timed with the abruft passing of seasons, this looks at the unpredictability of male trends and how General reins in that quality with finesse. The Curatorship program also takes a curious turn as they proudly welcome the British carmaker Mini to the gentlemen’s table.

General x Mini CooperIMG_4121 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4123 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4126 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4127 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4129 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4132 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4143 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4135 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4139 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4141 fashionAtetheLawyer

General x Mini CooperIMG_4145 fashionAtetheLawyer

Primer Group's Rail Floresca, Drew Arellano, CEO Raymond Racaza, Mond Share's Ton Gatmaitan, TVC Director Sid Maderazo, Troy Montero and Photog Kai Huang

Primer Group’s Raoul Floresca, Drew Arellano, CEO Raymond Racaza, Mond Share’s Ton Gatmaitan, TVC Director Sid Maderazo, Troy Montero and Photog Kai Huang

Primer Group's Leya, Jay, Guia, Pat, Clarrisa and Macel

Primer Group’s Leya, Jay, Guia, Pat, Clarrisa and Macel

Australian Blogger Khai and Robbie

Australian Blogger Khai and Robbie

with Primer Group's PR and Events Managaer Macel Abejero

with Primer Group’s PR and Events Managaer Macel Abejero

Mini lends its inventive spirit to coax out the General man’s dynamic lifestyle. Both names find kinship in their pursuit of heightening the senses- seen in their combined admiration for the volatile disposition of the young, tempered against the anvil of good taste.

This collaboration also makes room for MINI’s lifestyle items in the store. Short of raising Union Jack and adopting a Cockney accent, the influences of the Curatorship add a decidedly British flavor to the General’s menswear collection with apparel, bags, and accessories. Visit the store located at Bonifacio High Street and Robinson’s Magnolia and risk a bit of NOT NORMAL into your style.

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