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LeBunny Bleu Philippine Launch

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2938 fashionAtetheLawyer

Shoe lovers unite and celebrate today the arrival of shoe brand LeBunny Bleu in Manila! Originating in New York, LeBunny Bleu channels retro influences, showcasing New York City hipster cool and the effortless character of European style. An interesting twist to the brand is that all their styles are flat. The signature shoes run from classic to avant-garde and include oxfords, slip-ons, loafers, espadrilles, ballet flats, sandals, and fashion sneakers.

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2939 fashionAtetheLawyer

LeBunny Bleu celebrates the casual elegance of famous vintage icons of the fifties to the seventies era, such as Bridgette Bardot, Jean Seberg, and Audrey Hepburn, who wore this look so well. Romantic vintage dressing is currently experiencing a renaissance in today’s urban fashion scene.

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This cult brand is popular on sites like Chictopia and Polyvore. It has been spotted on K-pop groups including Girls’ Generation, After School, and 4minute, and featured in magazines such as InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Nylon, Vogue Girl, and Allure.

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2942 fashionAtetheLawyer

LeBunny Bleu signature styles combine masculine and feminine elements for unique and playful designs, seen in brogues sweetened up with ribbon laces, pastel-hued ballet flats, boat shoes in colorful designs, or espadrilles in slimmer shapes.

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2945 fashionAtetheLawyer

The Shangri-la Plaza and Glorietta 5 flagship store currently carries the spring/summer 2013 collection, offering over 100 styles per season. LeBunny Bleu will carry water-resistant rain and wool boots in the fall collection coming this September. Kids’ styles and sizes will also be available then.

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2947 fashionAtetheLawyer

Since its creation in 2009, LeBunny Bleu has quickly expanded to 10 countries and now has over 100 stores around the world in the US, UK, Hongkong, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, and now the Philippines.

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2948 fashionAtetheLawyer

LeBunny Bleu is all about comfort and easy style. The store interiors are rustic, with a café-like setting evoking a whimsical and cozy feel. It is decorated with the unforgettable mascot, the bunny rabbit, which symbolizes your individual character, your style and passion that takes you where you want to be.

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2951 fashionAtetheLawyer

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2952 fashionAtetheLawyer

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2954 fashionAtetheLawyer

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2955 fashionAtetheLawyer

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2957 fashionAtetheLawyer

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LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2964 fashionAtetheLawyer

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2968 fashionAtetheLawyer

LeBunnyPHLaunchIMG_2971 fashionAtetheLawyer

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LeBunnyPHLaunchShoe display 2 fashionAtetheLawyer


LeBunnyPHLaunchFacade 2 fashionAtetheLawyer

LeBunnyPHLaunchIn-store display fashionAtetheLawyer

Shoppers can wear their favorite romantic vintage shoes with their signature look today with LeBunny Bleu. The shoe styles are quirky, colorful and totally adorable! Prices range on average from P1,995 to P2,895.

For more info and to stay in touch:
LIKE us on Facebook: LeBunnyBleuPH
Instagram and Twitter: @lebunnybleuph

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Crocs Goes Retro!

Our love affair with Retro
Looking back and getting inspired by ‘70s trends

(Manila, Philippines) Our love and fascination for everything vintage can be thrown back at the 1970s when pop culture was at its peak. If there are three things words that embody the era, it they would be fun, creative, and free. Disco fever doesn’t really die; it just keeps heating up with every revival.

Feminine silhouettes were highlighted in the ‘70s, a time when femininity dramatically evolved. It was a liberating period for women. They were finally able to go out and have full-time jobs and it was the time when they purchased clothes for various occasions, which led to the expansion of the female’s closet for the home and the office, both formal and casual wear. Individuality came into play and women started to feel empowered and free.
Retro Clog Kids 2_P2975

Retro Clog Kids lifestyle

Men’s fashion, on the other hand, was bold and daring. They wore wide, colorful ties, flared pants and bright, fitted shirts. Some even grew their facial hair. Thankfully, the trousers started to straighten again, although the flares are revived every few seasons as we look back on the decade with nostalgia.

Some of the trends that we have now are actually a reflection of what was in vogue during the ‘70s, only with modifications and fusions with other eras. Glam rock emerged with the introduction of high-waisted denims and trousers, the arrival of platforms and satin-quilted jackets. The birth of wrap dresses, the maxi dress, mini- skirts and crop tops are all part of the ‘70s look and style and are prevalent in today’s fashion trends. Suddenly, everything old is new again.

Retro Clogs lifestyle

Retro Clogs side_P3825

Retro Clogs_P3825

In the athletic scene, the sports industry had been a huge business and the demand for innovative and performance-driven footwear became a necessity. Jogging was one of the most popular activities, as well as court sports like basketball, tennis and volleyball. One of the favored styles that made a trend was the herringbone tread in track shoes.

This distinctive herringbone tread became famous for its excellent grip and function for maximum mobility. It was highly prized by rafters, bushwalkers and even contractors. Today, it is considered one of the staple styles in performance footwear, and as well as with a popular lifestyle shoe brand.

This year, Crocs, the global lifestyle footwear brand known for its profound comfort and fun has adapted the herringbone style for its Crocs™ Retro Collection. The shoe brand incorporates the ‘70s track shoe design with its signature comfort; recreating the classic looks of its clogs, slip-ons, and Mary janes to give a sporty, performance-driven feel which will let you walk in comfort and wear in style.

Retro Flip-flops lifestyle

Retro Mary Jane Girls 2_P2975

“Vintage designs have a fascinating pull on people that goes beyond the trend and this is why we took inspiration from the ‘70s track shoe and incorporated it into our collection. It was a decade of fun and carefree spirits, similar to the feeling of wearing a pair of Crocs. It gives an exciting twist to our line and it further boosts our shoes’ functional benefits,” says Franco Limjuco, Vice President, Six Degrees Inc., Crocs’ local distributor.

Crocs looks back but moves you forward with its funky new styles to bring a smile to your face, and ease to your feet. The new collection is set to be in the stores by mid-February in varied designs and Crocs colors.

Whether it be in apparel or footwear lines, we now see why brands take inspiration from the ‘70s. It was a time of vibrancy and freedom, much like how we live our lives today, always in good spirits and with a happy vibe.

Retro Mary Jane lifestyle

Retro Slingback Flat 2_P3400

Retro Slingback lifestyle


About Crocs, Inc.
A world leader in innovative casual footwear for men, women and children, Crocs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX), offers several distinct shoe collections with more than 300 styles to suit every lifestyle. As lighthearted as they are lightweight, Crocs™ footwear provides profound comfort and support for any occasion and every season. All Crocs™ branded shoes feature Croslite™ material, a proprietary, revolutionary technology that produces soft, non-marking, and odor-resistant shoes that conform to your feet.

Crocs™ products are sold in over 90 countries. Every day, millions of Crocs™ shoe lovers around the world enjoy the exceptional form, function, versatility and feel-good qualities of these shoes while at work, school and play.

Visit http://www.crocs.com.ph for additional information, or visit Crocs Philippines on Facebook and @crocsph on Twitter.

Media contact:
Ley Laksamana
Ley.laksamana@perkcomm.com | 0917 834 0630

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