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Tomato x Camille Co 2013 Launch

TomatoXcamillecoDSC_0329 fashionAtetheLawyer

A true blue fashionista knows who Camille Co is and her presence in the fashion industry and in social media.

Camille is a certified top blogger and is known for her fashion style courtesy of her fashion blogs. She is also a designer, model, stylist and sidelines as an entrepreneur with her own brand of couture line.

With Camille’s many accomplishments in the fashion blogging community, Tomato is proud to have Camille choose Tomato as her first fashion retail collaboration. Her limited design pieces cater to the fashion needs of the young urban career woman.

TomatoXcamillecoDSC_0331 fashionAtetheLawyer

Lia Contreras as Camille Co’s pick for the most stylish of the day

TomatoXcamillecoDSC_0332 fashionAtetheLawyer

TomatoXcamillecoDSC_0334 fashionAtetheLawyer

Camille’s main inspiration for her “Camille Co for Tomato” collection is the young working woman with a busy and active lifestyle on a mission to carve a successful career for herself. Camille says every young working woman should stand out wherever she goes. A young working woman should be able to look stylish at all timesso her colleagues would take her seriously and believe in her credibility to perform best at work.

TomatoXcamillecoDSC_0335 fashionAtetheLawyer

TomatoXcamillecoDSC_0336 fashionAtetheLawyer

Since a young career woman is not established financially yet, her wardrobe should be something she can afford. Camille’s Collection is a complete wardrobe that is priced affordably for retail customers. Tops, shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, cover-ups and bags can all be mixed and matched within the colection and with other pieces one already owns. Each is a statement piece on its own that can make plain clothes look fashionable when styled with the collection.

TomatoXcamillecoDSC_0337 fashionAtetheLawyer

Customized prints are all original designs by Camille Co herself. These are mix of geometrics and stripes that are in line with the current trend of the season for women’s fashion. The collection’s silhouette is a mix of loose highlights, curve enhancing bodycons, skinny pants and cover-ups with relaxed fit that can be worn as a top or jacket.

TomatoXcamillecoDSC_0338 fashionAtetheLawyer

TomatoXcamillecoDSC_0339 fashionAtetheLawyer

Bags are versatile enough for a day or nightwear. Functional to carry all corporate and girly stuff in the morning and at the same time appropriate to bring to an evening event.

TomatoXcamillecoDSC_0342 fashionAtetheLawyer

TomatoXcamillecoDSC_0343 fashionAtetheLawyer

I really like the neutrals as the base that when added accent hues like teal, pink and yellow it becomes refreshing and easy on the eyes.

Surely if your a young women of today that is active, created fun with hints of playfulness and sexiness, Camille Co’s collection for Tomato is the perfect wardrobe affordable yet stylish.

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Stuart Weitzman: The King of Boots is now in the Philippines

Stuart Weitzman Logo

Stuart Weitzman PH LaunchIMG_3871 fashionAtetheLawyer

August 8, 2013 Manila, Philippines – Stuart Weitzman opens its flagship store at SM Aura Premier presenting Lifestyle Asia top picks for their newest collection. Stuart Weitzman, the King of Boots, has become synonymous with fashion and function. His stylish designer shoes are adored by celebrities and shoppers around the globe.


Stuart Weitzman Fall/Winter 2013 Collection
Known for his sexy stilettos and evening sandal designs, Stuart Weitzman store at SM Aura Premier offers the full collection including boots, career, flats and weather. Stuart Weitzman understands that a great shoe is more than form or function; it’s about making a woman feel beautiful. For more than 25 years, his designs have garnered a very loyal customer base as accessible luxury footwear with great fit, style, and comfort.

Designer Stuart Weitzman said, “Manila is one of Asia’s most beautiful cities whose women have sought out our shoes in their worldwide travels. I’m excited to launch my first boutique to showcase the complete range of Stuart Weitzman designs within our own retail environment. Filipinas will enjoy and embrace the Stuart Weitzman brand as we get to know one another.”


This year marks the 20th anniversary of Stuart Weitzman’s iconic 5050 – a personal favorite of Angelina Jolie.

Thus, the boots will take center stage in the Fall/Winter 2013 global ad campaign, and will feature the legendary Kate Moss, captured by Mario Testino. The creative strategy, especially the continuing visual vocabulary of black and white photography, plays on the concept that Stuart Weitzman’s is the first thing a woman puts on in the morning and the last thing she takes off at night. Yet, the styling will take a different turn – minimalist in concept but with an edgy aesthetic that mirrors Moss’s effortless signature look, which has catapulted her to international style.

Stuart Weitzman PH Launch IMG_3873 fashionAtetheLawyer

Stuart Weitzman PH Launch IMG_3874 fashionAtetheLawyer

Stuart Weitzman PH Launch IMG_3892 fashionAtetheLawyer

Stuart Weitzman PH Launch IMG_3893 fashionAtetheLawyer

The Stuart Weitzman store at SM Aura highlights modern spaces with vanilla and gray tones to showcase Stuart Weitzman’s shoes and handbags. The up-to-date retail concept presents the iconic Stuart Weitzman interior ribbon design, as well as its unique mosaic tile accent wall, and Alphano grey stone floors.

with thinline people and Gerard Escay of Events 100

with thinline people and Gerard Escay of Events 100

Lejandra and Fennel of Mega

Lejandra and Fennel of Mega

loving the Boom Sasson, H&M and Chanel ensemble!

loving the Boom Sasson, H&M and Chanel ensemble!

Jeff Songco

Jeff Songco

One Mega Group's Archie Carrasco and Makati Shangs Lesley Tan

One Mega Group’s Archie Carrasco and Makati Shangs Lesley Tan

The Stuart Weitzman brand has a fashionable global presence with retail stores in the United States, Italy, Singapore, France, China, Malaysia, Middle East, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, Greece, Mexico, India, Spain, Monaco, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, and now in the Philippines.



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Meet Bella: A New Lifestyle Show for Women

BellaIMG_9606copy FashionAteTheLawyer

Digitank Studios and The Lifestyle Network debut a new show for women called ‘Bella’ (the Italian word for “beautiful”). ‘Bella’ seeks to inspire women to become the best version of themselves by giving them information on the latest fashion and beauty trends, health and wellness programs, as well as travel and leisure topics.

Bella_MG_5444copy FashionAteTheLawyer

Bella_MG_5375copy FashionAteTheLawyer

A mysterious, sophisticated, and witty girl named ‘Bella’ hosts the show. Revealing herself only through the voiceover and frequent posts in the social media sphere, Bella reaches out to her fellow women in order to guide them into realizing their true beauty. At times, Bella recruits the help of her respected and notable ‘friends’ (fashion gurus, make-up experts, fashionistas, etc.) to speak on her behalf on various topics.

BellaIMG_9811 copy FashionAteTheLawyer

BellaIMG_9217 copy FashionAteTheLawyer

The team behind this new program is composed of the dynamic and creative individuals from Digitank Studios — the same production studio behind films such as Graceland (2012) and Senior Year (2010), and the TV show Market to Master (also shown on the Lifestyle Network). Executive producer, Franco Alido, and associate producer, Loudette Calotes, will supervise the production of Bella. The creative team is composed of director Seph Barretto, and segment writers Thessa Sandoval, and Krish Pascua.

Ms. Earth 2013 Angelee hosted the event

Ms. Earth 2013 Angelee hosted the event

BellaIMG_0964 FashionAteTheLawyer

BellaIMG_0917 FashionAteTheLawyer

BellaIMG_0950 FashionAteTheLawyer

Mr. Domantay won the best dressed

Ms. Angelee announces Mr. Domantay as the Best Dressed

Jason Domantay of Yahoo PH won the Best Dressed for the night

Mr. Jason Domantay,  Producer- Yahoo PH

BellaIMG_0947 FashionAteTheLawyer

Jason Domantay with his beautiful wife

Jason Domantay with his beautiful wife

Monica Guerra of Campaigns PR and Mr. and Mrs. Domantay

Monica Guerra of Campaigns PR and Mr. and Mrs. Domantay

Blogger/Stylist Shen Jarlega, Metro Geolette Esguerra, Yahoo PH Jason Domantay, PR Pat Veridiano

Blogger/Stylist Shen Jarlega, Metro Magazine’s Geolette Esguerra, Yahoo PH’s Jason Domantay, PR Pat Veridiano

fellow bloggers, Margareth Gomez, Shen Jarlega, Shierra Jarlega and Pat Veridiano

fellow bloggers, Margareth Gomez, Shen Jarlega, Shierra Jarlega and Pat Veridiano

BellaIMG_0924 FashionAteTheLawyer

Chini Go, owner Prima Stella Models

Chini Go, owner Prima Stella Models

The team behind Bella

The team behind Bella

For a new take in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle for women, Bella is set to air on the Lifestyle Network every Friday, 6:30PM, beginning July 19, 2013.

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pH Care® celebrates 10 years of confidence and freshness!

Variants GROUP

Leg shot

Taking on the world one day at a time is a journey. It’s all about nurturing oneself and experiencing a wellness routine that makes you feel fresh and confident, especially when it comes to feminine hygiene. Using an effective yet gentle brand for feminine care is definitely a way of nurturing, and going for a trusted name is the key!

And what used to be an unknown name only 10 years ago, is now the leading brand in feminine hygiene in the Philippines! pH Care® is a gynecologist-tested, hypo-allergenic feminine wash specially formulated for women’s intimate, cleansing needs. It has a pH level of 5, to help maintain the natural pH of the external genitalia, allowing thorough cleansing and everyday cleanliness and comfort. pH Care® is one of the biggest products manufactured by United Laboratories (Unilab), a trusted quality healthcare provider in the country.

Unlike soaps and other feminine washes, it is purely dedicated to giving intimate care as well as protection from odor without the harsh ingredients that cause irritations. It also has Dual Hydrating Moisturizers, Glycerin and Panthenol, which gently refreshes while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture. So whether you’re dashing to a yoga class, giving a knockout presentation, working out at the gym or simply getting ready for a romantic dinner, pH Care® feminine wash is definitely the assurance that will make you feel at your best!

Experience clean, sexy freshness everyday with a variety of pH Care® variants that will get you into the right mood. There’s pH Care® Cool Wind with cool, clean freshness and breezy action from ActiveCool®; pH Care® Fresh Blossoms with soothing freshness from a blend of lilies and lush greens; pH Care® Happy Daisies which is like waking up to delightful freshness with a zesty blend of citrus and floral scents; pH Care® Fragrance Free taking comfort in mild

freshness with a gentle formula for sensitive skin; pH Care® Shower Splash making you enjoy bagong-ligo freshness with a whiff of fresh green citrus scent; and pH Care® Passionate Bloom – the freshness of romance with essences of rose and floral blossoms.

And aside from the variety of exciting feminine hygiene variants in easy-grip bottles, pH Care® continues to be your daily intimate care partner with the introduction of Powder Fresh – coolness combined with clean powdery freshness that’s sure to provide delicate and everyday feminine care.

pH Care® also understands the intimate care needs of women on-the-go with the handy pH Care® feminine wipes, providing the convenience of cleansing and keeping fresh anytime, anywhere.

Product Info

Recommended by OB gynecologists and trusted by women all over the country, pH Care® is indeed a breakthrough product that has become a favorite partner in feminine hygiene. And to thank loyal customers who’ve made pH Care® the leading feminine hygiene brand in the country, purchase of the products now come with a free limited edition lingerie bag co-designed by Kate Torralba. For more information on pH Care®, please visit and like pH Care Cool Wind on Facebook.

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