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Happy 5th To Us!

Happy 5th Fashion Ate The Lawyer

Happy 5th Fashion Ate The Lawyer


Worpress.com is my venture on my everyday experiences from fashion, beauty and  events- to trends and everything new. It’s like a portal to give you updates on what’s hot on the plate in the fashion industry.

My first year in blogging was about my inspirational insights about life, I just wanted to voice out whats in my heart to inspire people, not expecting more, I don’t really mind if someone reads it or not, i just wanted to write. But surprisingly miguelalomajan.wordpress.com now Fashion Ate The Lawyer ( for 3 good years) gained good followers.

I would like to thank my fellow readers, thank you so much for keeping my blog active. I am really inspired to do more fashion related post for everything new till the last reader quit to read my blog ( and my hair stop growing green kidding).

To wordpress.com, you guys are the best!

To all the fashion insiders who is always there for me.

To all the PR friends who never fail to invite me for events.



It’s a good 5 years and more together! Cheers!


Your forever fashion correspondent and green hair.



Fashion Ate The Lawyer


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